President Weah Hosts Farewell Dinner for Visiting Medical Volunteers

The President of Liberia, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has described as selfless and diligent a group of medical practitioners from the United States-based Marcy Health Services who have been in the country providing a range of critical medical services to needy Liberians.

On Sunday, June 23, 2019, the President hosted a farewell dinner for the 23-member delegation at which time he poured praises and commendations upon the doctors for the invaluable services rendered during their stay in the country.

The visiting Marcy Health Services volunteers who also like to be called Team Surgical Liberia 19 performed over 100 surgeries while in the country, salvaging ailing Liberians who were afflicted with varying illnesses and deformities.

They also visited several schools and orphanages where they fed and treated orphans and students.

President Weah said the people of Liberia will long remember and cherish the services rendered the citizenry because it was not only for the good of the direct beneficiaries but also the nation as a whole.

He pleaded with the team not to make the visit their last but to come back to help Liberians in other parts of Liberia, particularly in the countryside.

The team in return congratulated President Weah for the warm reception and hospitality he accorded them during their stay in Liberia.

They said the president's demonstrated passion to see Liberians and Liberia overcome the challenges of the moment and live a decent life is highly commendable.

Source: The Executive Mansion