Djerem SDO prohibits students from loitering around school campuses

The Senior Divisional Officer for Djerem division in the Adamawa region, Saffo Roger, has prohibited the loitering of students around school premises during study hours. The administrative authority penned down the threat in an order issued recently warning that his office would arrest students in his administrative division who attempted to go against this restriction. 'Any student who is found on the streets and other leisure places during the regular course hours will be arrested by the law enforcement forces and taken to the local police or gendarmerie station to be kept in custody until the intervention of a parent or a school administrator,' part of the order read. This is not the first time that such a measure has been taken by local authorities. In February 2023, the DO Penka Michel in the West region, mobilized the police to pursue and arrest students loitering around the town during school hours. In October 2022, the main police commissioner Germain Djakedi of Yagoua in the Far North, decided t o reactivate the fight against truancy to limit massive failures in end-of-year exams. These measures contribute to the fight against school absenteeism, often linked to academic failure and school dropout. Source: Cameroon News Agency