Douala: Teacher arrested for beating student to death

A secondary school student of the College of Hopes, Arts and Science (COHAS), found in Bepanda - Douala was flogged to death by her teacher early Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Unable to withstand the beatings, Vera Mbong collapsed. She was only rushed to the hospital when her classmates rioted. While at the Deido District hospital, doctors declared Vera was dead. No clear explanation was given on what must have transpired, pushing the teacher who is allegedly in custody to beat the student to death. A student who gave the name of the teacher as Mr. Francis disclosed that 'He is fond of beating students as if they were not humans'. The school has not made any declarations. This incident happened exactly one year after the Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Nalova Lyonga banned corporal punishment in schools across the country- Secondary Education Minister prohibits corporal punishment in schools - Cameroon News Agency Source: Cameroon News Agency