Cabinet Reviews Performance Scorecard; Highlights Priority Projects, Mandates Collective Engagements.

Cabinet has carefully reviewed its performance report, received highlights of key priority projects and mandated collective engagements of Cabinet on achievable targets that are implementable in real time.

According to an Executive Mansion release, Cabinet reviewed performance of the priority implementation monitoring framework and reporting description including projects completed and operational, those completed and ready to start, targets ongoing or on track and those that require special attention.

The performance scorecard for Tier -1 shows that 12% of the projects and programs has been completed and operational, 3% completed and ready to start, 65% are on track and ongoing while 20% demand special attention from cabinet. Tier 2- 100% of targets are track and ongoing. Under Tier-3, 11% are completed and operational, 5% completed and ready to start while 71% are on track or ongoing as 13% demand special attention.

Cabinet was also briefed on critical projects as well as their status including a new terminal building for RIA, a new runway, the ministerial complex to include a modern conference center, an expanded Capitol Building, and progress of ongoing works the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex. Cabinet also received updates on the existing transmission and Distribution of electricity across Bomi, RIA, Monrovia Consolidation and the Kakata enclave.

Cabinet was further briefed on water and sanitation rehabilitation efforts at the White Plains Water Treatment facility that includes the restoration of pipe-borne water to Kakata, Gbarnga and Zwedru cities as well as the building of nearly 23 Triages in various parts of the country to rapidly diagnose and respond to emergency cases.

On updates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cabinet was brought up to speed regarding 2016 Independence Day Celebrations, the Theme, the selection of a National Orator, Liberia, at the helm of ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government and US First Lady's stopover at the Roberts International Airport.

Meanwhile, Cabinet has commended the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) for rising to the occasion in swiftly assisting with tackling Monrovia mounting challenge of thrash disposal. Cabinet said the intervention of the AFL was a clear manifestation that the army reflects a new lease of service to country and acknowledged it was a great appreciation.

Source: Executive Mansion