KFSH&RC Ranked Top Valuable Healthcare Brand in Saudi Arabia and Middle East

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KFSH&RC tops the healthcare sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, recognizing it as the most valuable healthcare brand in these regions for the second year. According to the 2024 Brand Finance reports, it placed 9th in Saudi Arabia and 28th in the Middle East. Additionally, KFSH&RC stands out as the only hospital worldwide to be ranked among its country’s top ten most valuable brands.

The Brand Finance Report shows that KFSH&RC brand value increased by 31%, exceeding 5.6 billion Saudi Riyals, equivalent to USD 1.5 billion. This increase is the result of the hospital’s unwavering commitment to incorporating the latest medical technologies and treatments and providing specialized medical care that adheres to the latest international standards.

Reflecting on KFSH&RC’s global recognition, Mr. Muhannad Kadi, the Chief Corporate Communications & Marketing Officer, commented, “This accomplishment underscores the hospital’s dedication to achieving the highest quality standards and providing outstanding healthcare, as well as the significant value it delivers to its beneficiaries.” He emphasized that the hospital’s position among the top ten most valuable brands in Saudi Arabia not only highlights its effectiveness but also the positive impact of the ongoing transformations within the Kingdom’s healthcare sector.

Over the past year, KFSH&RC has achieved several notable milestones that have significantly contributed to its brand strength and reputation. These include conducting four ground-breaking experiments in space medicine, performing the World’s first fully robotic liver transplant, and launching a rapid whole genome sequencing analysis service available to all beneficiaries. Furthermore, KFSH&RC celebrated the successful treatment of 100 T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia patients, a testament to our advanced medical capabilities and dedication to patient care.

In line with Saudi Vision 2030 and its transformation programs, initiated by His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister—which aim to enhance the Kingdom’s global position and establish it as a healthcare hub—KFSH&RC has been ranked as the top Academic Medical Centre in the Middle East and Africa. It also secured the 20th spot globally for two consecutive years, 2023 and 2024, according to Brand Finance’s Global Top 250 Hospitals report. Additionally, it has been ranked among the top 250 Best Hospitals in the World by Newsweek Magazine.

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INVNT GROUP and MSM Boost Partnership and Marketing Service Offerings in Motorsports Industry with Strategic Leadership Appointment

INVNT GROUP welcomes Roc Nation veteran, Luca Zanello, as SVP of Content Strategy

New York, NY, May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Building on their successful partnership, INVNT GROUP and MSM (Media & Sport Management) enhance service offerings and commercial solutions tailored for talent and brands within the booming motorsports industry.

INVNT GROUP, the global brand storytelling agency portfolio, was named Best Global Media Agency at the 2023 Automotive Marcomm Awards by Autocar, for groundbreaking campaigns with Lamborghini, Formula E, General Motors, Lotus, Rolls Royce and more. Over four decades, MSM has built standout relationships between brands, drivers, teams, and championships at the pinnacle of motorsport, including sponsorships, hospitality, and events.

The partnership brings the appointment of Roc Nation music and entertainment veteran, Luca Zanello, as SVP of Content Strategy at INVNT GROUP, fortifying the global suite of award-winning capabilities and integrated services within the motorsports including strategy, partnerships, experiential, digital, Web3, content, and culture. Zanello reports into Scott Cullather, President and CEO of INVNT GROUP, and CEO of INVNT.ATOM.

“Motorsports have not only captured the global imagination but have accelerated the expansion of its cultural influence at unprecedented speed. Our evolving collaboration with MSM, and appointment of Luca, places us at the forefront, allowing us to deliver pioneering, bespoke solutions to the motorsports industry. We are committed to enhancing the connection between brands, talent, and partners with audiences worldwide through dynamic storytelling and groundbreaking experiences. Together, we are charging the future of motorsports, transcending the boundaries of the racetrack,” said Scott Cullather.

The partnership aims to deliver strategies within the motorsport domain, leveraging both INVNT GROUP and MSM’s deep rooted motorsports network and industry expertise.

Enrico Zanarini, Founder and CEO of MSM, expressed: “This is more than a partnership expansion; it’s how we redefine motorsport marketing. With MSM’s deep history in the motorsports industry, and INVNT GROUP’s storytelling expertise, we are poised to deliver exciting and unexpected engagement programs that resonate deeply with fans and stakeholders alike.”

Luca Zanello, commenting on his new role, added, Joining this dynamic team during a transformative era in motorsports is truly exhilarating. We are redefining the limits of motorsports engagement by introducing comprehensive programs that blend traditional approaches with cutting-edge digital and experiential strategies. Our goal is to unite and excite fans globally, offering them novel and captivating experiences that not only entertain but also deepen their connection to the sport.”

This strategic allegiance is a significant milestone in the evolution of motorsport marketing and the overall industry, promising next-generation strategies and enhanced engagement for clients, brands, partners, and audiences across the globe.


INVNT GROUP™ represents a growing portfolio of complementary disciplines designed to help forward-thinking brands and organizations everywhere, impact the audiences that matter, anywhere.

Headed by President and CEO, Scott Cullather, INVNT GROUP amplifies globally with offices in New York (HQ), Sydney, London, Singapore, Dubai, San Francisco, Stockholm, Mumbai, Detroit, and Washington D.C.

The GROUP consists of the founding, live brand storytelling agency, INVNT; brand strategy & creative-led culture consultancy, Meaning; production studio & creative agency, HEVĒ; live events for colleges and universities, INVNT Higher Ed; digital innovation agency, INVNT.ATOM; creative multimedia experience studio, Hypnogram, and live entertainment production company, ITP Live. For more information visit: https://invntgroup.com/


MSM is a leader in the world of motorsport and has been fostering standout relationships between brands, drivers, teams and championships for over 40 years.

The team specializes in individual and corporate management, offering clients their expertise across the marketing mix. MSM is active in sponsorship facilitation, commercial opportunity development and execution, client representation, tailored hospitality offerings, and managing bespoke events on and off track. Having spent four decades in the most innovative sporting environment, MSM has developed an approach that is tailor-made for partners to unlock their full potential.

MSM’s deep insight and unparalleled know-how enable their partners to connect with both new and existing audiences in an authentic way, while also delivering measurable commercial impact. For more information, https://msmgroup.com


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Syrians Seek UN Rights Ruling Against Russia for 2019 Hospital Attacks

Open Society Justice Initiative Files Complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee

New York, May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Russian Federation has been accused before the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva of carrying out a deliberate attack on a hospital in Syria—in a legal action that highlights Moscow’s repeated use of military force against health care facilities in Syria, where its forces have been supporting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

A complaint before the Committee, filed on May 1, focuses on a series of air strikes on Kafr Nabl Surgical Hospital in Idlib province on May 5, 2019.

It accuses the Russian Air Force of killing two civilians and endangering the lives of all those working in and using the hospital at the time—medical practitioners, patients, support staff, and visitors.

The complaint has been brought before the Committee by a Syrian man whose two cousins were killed by the attack, and by Hand in Hand for Aid and Development, the humanitarian NGO that was supporting the hospital at the time. Hand in Hand is representing the interests of the patients of the hospital.

The applicants are represented by lawyers of the Open Society Justice Initiative, with Professor Philip Leach, professor of human rights law at the UK’s Middlesex University as co-counsel.

The evidence being presented to the Committee includes a detailed account of the Russian Air Force attack on the hospital at Kafr Nabl, and on three other hospitals near Kafr Nabl in just 12 hours on May 5-6, 2019. There was no fighting near the hospital at the time of the attack, which lay in opposition-controlled territory some 20km away from the front line.

The complaint draws on a wealth of video and audio recordings made at the time, as well as eyewitness accounts that point to direct Russian Air Force involvement in coordinating and executing the attacks. The material includes observations of Russian aircraft in the area at the relevant time, and audio recordings of communications between a Russian pilot and Russian ground control, authorizing the release of aerial munitions and confirming that the aerial munitions had been dropped, at the precise times that strikes were captured on video. Some of the material included as evidence in the complaint was used by the New York Times in a special report published on October 13, 2019.

Fadi al-Dairi, the director of Hand in Hand, said: “The Russian air force attack on Kafr Nabl hospital was a well-documented atrocity that was part of a systematic assault on hospitals and healthcare facilities in opposition-held territory in Syria in 2019. The coordinates of the hospital had been shared with Russia by the UN under the UN Deconfliction Mechanism. Syrians are looking to the Human Rights Committee to show us some measure of redress by acknowledging the truth of this brutal attack, and the suffering caused.”

James A. Goldston, executive director of the Justice Initiative, said: “This complaint before a preeminent international human rights tribunal exposes the Russian government and armed forces’ deliberate strategy of targeting healthcare in clear violation of the laws of war. It must remind us all that attacks on protected healthcare facilities—whether in Syria, Sudan, Ukraine, or the Gaza Strip—are an abomination that must never be normalized.”

The complaint is being supported by expert analyses prepared by Syrian Archive and Physicians for Human Rights. Physicians for Human Rights has documented 604 attacks against medical facilities in Syria since 2011, the overwhelming majority conducted by Syrian and Russian forces.

Houssam al-Nahhas, MD, Middle East and North Africa Researcher for Physicians for Human Rights, said: “Widespread and systematic attacks on health care in Syria are part of a strategy implemented by the Syrian and Russian governments, devastating the country’s health care system. Despite the seriousness of these crimes, no perpetrators have ever faced accountability. We hope this landmark case helps to end the impunity for attacks on health care in Syria and serve as a warning to perpetrators in other conflicts around the world.”

The Geneva-based Human Rights Committee is a body of 18 independent experts that monitors implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which has been signed by 173 countries. Under the ICCPR’s Optional Protocol, which the Russian Federation signed in 1990, individuals can bring complaints against signatory states before the Committee over rights violations.

The complaint accuses the Russian Federation of perpetrating a clear and serious violation of International Humanitarian Law by deliberately attacking a protected medical facility, in breach of the Right to Life under the ICCPR. The attack killed two brothers and endangered the lives of everyone working in and using the busy hospital. The hospital was operating normally at the time of the attack and neither Russia nor Syria provided any warning before the attack. This is not the only time the facility was targeted: Kafr Nabl Hospital was attacked 13 times between 2014 and 2019.

From a legal perspective, a decision against Russia would provide significant new jurisprudence on the extraterritorial obligations of States in armed conflict, and would pave the way for progressive decisions from other human rights bodies and courts.

The Open Society Justice Initiative is part of the Open Society Foundations, and pursues strategic litigation on a range of issues including advancing human rights and advancing the rule of law. Its work on Syria has included supporting efforts to bring top Syrian officials and leaders to trial before national courts in Europe for crimes against humanity committed in Syria.

Open Society Foundations
(212) 548-0378

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Transforming Addis into a More Livable and Vibrant City

Addis Ababa: In addition to serving as Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa is significant to African politics and diplomacy. Along with the embassies of many nations throughout the world, the city is home to the headquarters of important international organizations like the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). Recognizing the importance of Addis Ababa, not only for its residents but also for the international diplomatic community, the government has been dedicated to improving the city's livability for its millions of inhabitants and the staff of various international organizations. Through collaboration between the Addis Ababa city administration and the federal government, a series of measures have been undertaken to transform the city into a cutting-edge, smart metropolis. Over the past few years, Addis Ababa has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the initiative led by Prime Minister Abiy to enhance the city's aesthetics. The efforts have borne fruit, wit h the creation of world-class parks and museums that have greatly supported the country's tourism sector. Notable achievements include Unity Park, Entoto Park, Friendship Park, the Science Museum, the National Palace Museum, and the Adwa Memorial Museum, which have added to the city's allure for both residents and visitors. In addition to these accomplishments, the government has intensified its collaboration with the private sector to further elevate Addis Ababa's status as the political capital of Africa and a hub for influential international organizations. One such project is the corridor development initiative, aimed at elevating the city's stand global smart city standards. Rebuilding slum areas, renovating and improving infrastructure facilities such as integrated drainage systems and utilities, as well as expanding of roads to handle increased traffic, building roomy walkways for pedestrians, repairing historic buildings, and modernizing structures to conform to the city's aesthetic standards to imp rove the living conditions of citizens. As part of the city's continued development activities, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently announced another significant project. He has launched a campaign to revolutionize public sanitation infrastructure, envisioning modern, hygienic, and inclusive restroom facilities across urban areas. The campaign, named "Clean Streets and Healthy Livelihood," places community engagement at its core and aligns with a broader commitment to creating cities that cater to the needs of all citizens. Prime Minister Abiy has called upon Ethiopians to join hands in building cities that prioritize cleanliness and inclusivity, emphasizing the importance of collective effort. This campaign builds upon the Prime Minister's transformative endeavors during his six-year tenure, which have focused on improving urban environments and public amenities. The campaign dubbed 'clean streets and healthy livelihood,' is closely linked to the beautification of Addis Ababa, the greening of the city, the road corridor development project, and the ongoing rehabilitation of infrastructure. 'As we embark on this new initiative, I call upon all Ethiopians to contribute their share in creating cities that are conducive for everyone,' he posted on X. The campaign which could be launched in regional cities as well is closely connected to the beautification of Addis Ababa and greening the city along with road corridor development project and rehabilitation of infrastructures currently underway in the city. For many decades, Addis Ababa has lacked standardized public restrooms and sanitary services, often leading residents to resort to unsanitary alternatives in isolated corners. The project aims to provide the public with standardized restrooms and sanitation facilities and is financed through donations from the general public, individual donors, and institutions and companies that have enthusiastically embraced the Prime Minister's initiative. The project is expected to provide residents with access to public sa nitation services in a more dignified manner, reducing the spread of waterborne diseases and related health hazards. Over time, it may also create employment opportunities for those in need and serve as a source of income generation for the unemployed. This project is also an integral part of the green legacy initiative, which contributes to various ecotourism projects and park developments that are already modernizing Addis Ababa's landscape. To ensure the sustainability of the project and create a vibrant and healthy environment for the public to enjoy the benefits of improved sanitation, it is essential to emphasize the importance of public participation and organized development. As efforts to secure funds for the project, a telethon has been launched last week by the premier. The fundraising activity can serve as a showcase for the significance of cooperation and mutual concern in improving the health and beautification of cities across the country. The general public and individual companies have bee n actively participating in the telethon. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Members of Second Generation Ethiopian Diaspora Arriving in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa: Members of the second generation Ethiopian Diaspora are arriving in Addis Ababa as part of the invitation extended by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on December 23/2023 had called on the second-generation foreigners of Ethiopian origin to come home in three phases until September 2024. More than 74,000 second-generation of Ethiopian Diaspora have visited their ancestral homeland in the first phase alone which was carried out under the motto "Connect to Your Culture." The second-round homecoming under the motto 'Connect to Your History' has been launched and will last till 8th May 2024. Several Ethiopians who are coming home for Easter holiday have arrived in Addis Ababa this morning. Upon their arrival at the Bole International Airport, the Ethiopians were welcomed by the Minister of Tourism, Ambassador Nasise Chali and other government officials. The third phase of second generation home coming will be held from June to September 2024, it was indicated. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

IFA Forges Partnership with Peace Ministry To Work on Conflict Prevention and Peace Building

Addis Ababa: Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) and Ministry of Peace (MoP) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further expand their partnership that basically aims to conduct a joint policy research on conflict prevention and peace building. Executive Director of IFA, Jafar Bedru and State Minister of Peace, Cherugeta Genene signed the MoU. Exchange of information, research data, and resources between the two Parties are the key points portrayed in the MoU. The MoU indeed marks to encourage cooperation and collaboration to enhance the involvement of Peace Ministry in regional and international affairs. It also seeks to enhance the capability of the ministry to effectively engage in foreign policy matters and regional development. Additionally, the agreement will provide a platform for the ministry to contribute its expertise and knowledge in informing Ethiopia's domestic and foreign policy directions. As the agreement further prioritizes in addressing issues related to peace building, na tion building, and intergovernmental relations as well as conflict management, particularly with neighboring countries, the outcome will be pertinent in achieving the mandates of both the Institute and the Ministry. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

PM Office Transfers ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ Projects to Regions, Ethiopian Takes Magt, Operation of Lodges

Addis Ababa: Office of the Prime Minister ceremoniously transferred 'Dine for Ethiopia' projects to the Amhara, Oromia and South West Region and conducted a signing ceremony for the management and operation agreement of the 'Dine for Ethiopia' lodges, by Ethiopian Airlines, operating under its renowned Skylight Hotel brand. According to the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO), today marks a significant milestone for the 'Dine for Ethiopia' projects. PMO ceremoniously transferred the projects to the Amhara, Oromia and South West Ethiopia People Region and conducted a signing ceremony for the management and operation agreement of the 'Dine for Ethiopia' lodges, by Ethiopian Airlines, operating under its renowned Skylight Hotel brand. It is to be recalled that three of the four projects (Halala Kella Lodge; Chebera Churchura Elephant Paw Lodge and Wonchi Eco Lodge) have been recently inaugurated, with the Gorgora project completion and inauguration in the pipeline. The 'Dine for Ethiopia' initiative, champion ed by the Prime Minister, aimed to bolster tourism, a cornerstone of our national homegrown economic reform program. These projects rallied public support during the financing stage, generated numerous jobs during construction, and kickstarted extensive infrastructure development. They stand as symbols of innovative project management and swift completion. Entrusting their operation and management to our national flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, promises not only enhanced service but also an avenue for international tourism promotion. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

15th EAAACA Annual General Conference Underway in Addis

Addis Ababa: The 15th East African Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (EAAACA) Annual General Meeting is underway in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The conference was hosted by the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission of Ethiopia under the theme: "Coordination, Collaboration and Corporation in Asset Recovery and the Fight against Corruption." The annual session brought together representatives of member states of the association to discuss ways of preventing and fighting corruption and strengthening collaboration as well as promoting partnership among the members. Speaking on occasion, Commissioner of Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission of Ethiopia, Samuel Urkato said this conference has become an important platform in strengthening regional cooperation, collaboration and coordinating on anti corruption agendas. As member states of EAAACA, Ethiopia has realized that this platform is increasingly getting expanded with various stakeholders and key actors of anti corruption strategies in t his regards. President of East African Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities, Nirere Madeliene said on her part, this conference has given great emphasis on coordination, collaboration and cooperation in the efforts to fight against corruption. She further stressed the anti-corruption activity requires working in synergy to tackle the root causes of the problem. Moreover, the president added that transparent and accountable governance are pivotal in the fight against corruption practices. Source: Ethiopian News Agency