CallTower Breaks New Ground: Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams Telephony Solution Now Unleashed Across EMEA

CallTower Sets the Stage for Revolutionary Growth in European Markets as an Elite Operator Connect Provider

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, ROCHESTER, NY, BOSTON, MA, March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CallTower, a global pioneer in providing advanced cloud-based solutions for unified communications, contact centers, and collaboration, proudly announces the expansion of its Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams service to the EMEA region. Since becoming one of the select providers for Operator Connect in September 2021, CallTower has continued to extend its reach. Today marks a significant milestone as they broaden their services to include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. This expansion builds on their established presence in the US, Canada, and the UK, further solidifying CallTower’s commitment to enhancing global communications.

CallTower is at the forefront of revolutionizing communication solutions for businesses across the EMEA region in local currencies (including the euro, the UK pound sterling and others) through the enablement of Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams. This innovative service transforms the way organizations connect by delivering PSTN voice access directly within Teams, significantly enhancing the customer experience. Operator Connect not only simplifies the integration between networks but also streamlines the provisioning and management of users. This leads to improved support models that elevate the overall quality of service. Since 2018, CallTower has been providing Microsoft Teams Voice to users in EMEA and over 70 countries globally.

CallTower’s Operator Connect for MS Teams allows for the extension of PSTN voice services to regions that are not covered by Microsoft Calling Plans. This capability is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain a global presence, providing them with a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market. By leveraging CallTower’s expertise and support, companies can ensure a robust and reliable communication framework, essential for thriving in the digital era. This functionality enables them to effortlessly connect calling services, acquire phone numbers, and assign these components to users, ensuring a smooth operational flow. CallTower stands out by offering technical support and managing the voice network and infrastructure, relieving businesses from the complexities of these tasks.

CallTower enhances Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, effectively addressing essential communication needs through a comprehensive suite of business integrations. This includes advanced SMS/MMS texting features, stringent compliance recording, crucial emergency services where available, and reliable one-click failover capabilities. Moreover, CallTower provides a range of innovative contact center solutions among other services, enabling businesses to significantly improve their communication frameworks.

“CallTower is thrilled to deliver on our promise of catering to customers in EMEA,” announced CallTower’s Chief Revenue Officer, William Rubio. “The launch of Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams marks the pinnacle of this commitment. It revolutionizes how our customers connect, offering a seamless transition and effortless implementation, all while broadening our coverage. By voice-enabling Teams through CallTower’s Global Network, we’re not just supporting our European clients; we’re empowering them. We provide a variety of options tailored to meet the diverse needs of their workforce, ensuring every user has exactly what they need to excel.” 

CallTower has strategically positioned itself as a leader in communication solutions by developing CallTower Connect, an innovative provisioning tool designed to streamline and simplify the management of its services. This proprietary portal is a testament to CallTower’s commitment to empowering businesses with the ability to effortlessly customize and control their communication platforms.

Through CallTower Connect, users gain access to a user-friendly interface that enables quick and efficient provisioning of a wide array of CallTower services. This includes seamless provisioning of CallTower’s Microsoft solutions, including Operator Connect, Direct Routing, GCC High Direct Routing, and Microsoft 365, among other vital communication tools. The simplicity and efficiency of CallTower Connect means that businesses can rapidly adapt their communication strategies to meet evolving needs without the need for extensive technical knowledge or support.

About CallTower

Since its inception in 2002, CallTower has evolved into a global cloud-based, enterprise-class cloud communications (unified communications, contact center and collaboration) solutions provider for growing organizations worldwide. CallTower provides, integrates and supports industry-leading solutions, including Operator Connect for Microsoft® Teams, MS Teams Direct Routing, GCC High Teams Direct Routing, Microsoft® 365, Cisco® Webex Calling / UCM, Cisco® CCP, Zoom Phone, Zoom (BYOB) and four contact center options, including Five9 for business customers.

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Cyber Security Challenges Require Holistic Approach: DG Tigist

Addis Ababa: Addressing the challenges of cyber security requires a holistic approach involving collaboration among governments, private sector, and international organizations, Information Network Security Administration (INSA) Director-General Tigist Hamid said. A two-day cyber security and digital transformation conference organized by INSA and Ethiopian Cyber Security Association kicked off today. In her opening remark, Director-General of INSA, Tigist Hamid said that technology underpins every aspect of the society, from financial transactions to vital infrastructure and this reliance puts everyone at risk for never-before-seen dangers. 'The rise of AI and the increase of cyber-attacks are known risks within the international community; yet, it does come as a surprise that both of these topics fall within the top five risks for 2024,' she emphasized. Citing the World Economic Forum, 2024 Report, Tigist pointed out that cyber security came in number four in the short-term and eighth in the long-term r elating to global risks ranked by severity, and she added 'while we should be happy about technological advancements, we also need to be cautious about the risks associated with improper technological understanding.' 'In 2024, the cyber security landscape continues to present significant, evolving challenges. We should reassess our security strategies while becoming more nimble, adaptive, and proactive to stay ahead of the curve. The adversaries we face are not confined by borders; they navigate the virtual realm with stealth and sophistication. We must fortify our defenses, collaborate across sectors and borders, and remain vigilant in the face of this persistent danger,' she stressed. Furthermore, the Director-General pointed out the need for holistic approach that involves the collaboration among governments, private sector, and international organizations to address the challenges of cyber insecurity. By the end of 2024, the cost of cyber-attacks on the global economy would top 10.5 trillion USD, she s tated, and added that cyber security has evidently become a very critical concern that needs the attention of researchers, academicians, and organizations to confidentially ensure the protection and security. 'The quantity, the complexity, the severity of cyber-attacks have also escalated at national level. In Ethiopia, 4,623 cyber-attack attempts were recorded during the first-half of the 2016 fiscal year. In the same period, the percentage of high risk cyber-attacks has more than doubled to 115 percent as compared to the first-six months of 2015 fiscal year report,' Tigist elaborated. According to the Director-General, majority of the institutions targeted by cyber attackers included banks and financial institutions, security and intelligence agencies, media outlets, critical government agencies, federal and regional offices as well as institutions of higher learning. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Int’l Conference deliberating on Cyber Security and Digital Transformation

Addis Ababa: An international conference is deliberating on cyber security and digital transformation at Skylight Hotel, in Addis Ababa. A two-day conference was opened this morning, by Tigist Hamid, Director General of Information Network Security Administration (INSA) and Berhanu Beyene, President of Ethiopian Cyber Security Association (ECySA). The conference aimed at discussing the importance of digital transformation for strengthening the national cyber ecosystem in Ethiopia, it was indicated. It is anticipated to give inputs to Ethiopia's endeavor for creating a strong cyber security climate that would help to protect its national sovereignty. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

National Healthcare Innovation and Quality Summit Kicks off

Addis Ababa: The 8th National Healthcare Innovation and Quality Summit is underway that emphasizes healthcare quality, safety and equity in the Ethiopian health system. A three-day summit under the theme: "Promoting Health System Innovation to Enhance Healthcare Quality, Safety and Equity," kicked off today at the Headquarters of African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa. The summit brought together the diverse and dynamic actors in the health sector to share their insights, experiences, best practices, challenges and opportunities for health system innovation. Despite tremendous measures that has been reinforced to improve the health sector, rising costs, inconsistent outcomes, and fragmented delivery service and among others have remained as major bottlenecks in the sector. In order to solve the challenges, the Ministry of Health has put strong emphasis on transforming the health system of the country to ensure a better healthcare system, it was indicated. To this end, a three-day summit stressed the need for addressing the challenges in the healthcare service by embracing innovation, developing and implementing new ideas, technologies, and methods. The summit is also believed to be instrumental in bringing about inputs that would help to improve the health institutions for delivering a quality, affordable, as well as equitable healthcare accessibility. A three-day summit was attended by higher government officials from the federal and regional government of Ethiopia, partners, donors, health professionals, researchers among others. Moreover, the summit brought together participants for UN organizations like WHO, Civil Society Organizations, and others in person and via webinar, it was learned. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Gov’t Investing on Innovation and Technology to Ensure Quality Healthcare Services

Addis Ababa: The Government of Ethiopia has been investing on innovation and technology infrastructure to ensure quality healthcare services, according to Ministry of Health. In his keynote speech to the 8th National Healthcare Innovation and Quality Summit that opened today, Health State Minister Dr. Ayele Teshome said the number and type of innovation interventions implemented in Ethiopia have increased in recent years. Not all, but some of these interventions were successful and have significantly improved the health system, he added. According to him, innovations in medical technology, treatments and procedures are critical in improving quality and continuity of care. Innovations such as digitization and automation in the health information system contribute significantly to identifying potential safety issues, preventing medical errors and ensuring accountability and learning opportunities. Furthermore, innovation can help to address healthcare disparities and promote equity by improving access to c are for under-served population as well as overcome geographical barriers. Dr. Ayele also noted that over the past ten years various reform programs have been carried and remarkable achievements obtained through innovation based solutions in the health sector. Innovation and Technology State Minister Bayissa Bedada said on his part that science and technology and innovation play a crucial role in achieving 2030 sustainable development goals and Agenda 2063. The Government of Ethiopia has been carrying out various activities realizing that innovation contributes to national economy of the county, he stated. Bayissa added that the government has also been tirelessly working on legal frameworks, infrastructural and human development that would enable the sector become competitive and effective. On behalf of WHO Ethiopia Country Representative Dr. Dlamini, Dr. Bejoy Nambiar said the organization is committed to supporting the Ministry of Health in achieving strategic objectives of harnessing innovation for h ealth systems quality, equity, and safety. The three-day summit under the theme: "Promoting Health System Innovation to Enhance Healthcare Quality, Safety and Equity" has attracted various stakeholders from the country and other international organizations working on health. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Council of Ministers Commences Performance Review in Presence of Prime Minister

Addis Ababa: In the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the Council of Ministers has commenced the second quarter performance review today. According to the Office of the Prime Mime Minister, the review began with presentations on activities undertaken, focusing on four sectoral areas of governance and justice, social, and economic sectors. It is worth recalling that the Prime Minister initiated these performance evaluation sessions to foster a culture of delivery within the government sector. Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Ethiopian Inks MoU For Purchase Order of Boeing 777X-9 Aircrafts

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Airlines Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) tonight with Boeing Company purchase order of some 20 Boeing 777X-9 passenger aircrafts. Ethiopian Airlines Group, Mesfin Tassew and Drad McMullen, Boeing Senior Vice President of Commercial and Sales Marketing signed the MoU. During the signing ceremony, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mesfin Tassew said that the purchase order makes Ethiopian the first to order the largest twin-engine aircraft in Africa. The least price of the total 20 Boeing 777X-9 passenger aircrafts will cost Ethiopian about 11 billion US dollars, it was indicated. The CEO added that this ultra-modern aircraft is the largest in the history of Ethiopian Airlines. According to Mesfin, of the 20 Boeing 777X-9 passenger aircrafts, the order of 8 aircrafts have been confirmed. He also revealed that Ethiopian will receive three of the aircrafts in 2027, another three in 2029 and the remaining two by 2030. The CEO pointed out that Ethiopian purchase orders from Boeing thus far have reached 104. Ethiopian Air Force Commander and Board chairperson of Ethiopian Airlines , Lieutenant General Yilma Merdasa and US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ervin Jose Massinga as well as other dignitaries attended the signing ceremony. Source: Ethiopian News Agency