YOSA raise alarm over ‘potential referee bias’ in match against Victoria United

Yong Sports Academy of Bamenda have raised concerns over a possible bias against their team during their upcoming day 17 encounter against Victoria United at the Limbe Centenary stadium on Tuesday, February 27. In a communique addressed to the Secretary-General of the Transitional Council for Professional Football (CTFP), the team expressed their worries about reports suggesting match officials may be influenced to ensure their defeat. In their statement, YOSA called on CTFP to monitor events closely and prevent any potential irregularities. The team also reiterated its commitment to fair play and sportsmanship, stating that they believe that the outcome of the match should be solely determined on merit. The said match is an important and crucial match for both teams as YOSA will be counting on a win to ascend to the top 4 while Victoria United is in desperate need of every possible point to avoid playing the relegation playoffs. Source: Cameroon News Agency