World Bank’s Vice President Visits Manufacturing Enterprises in Addis

Addis Ababa: Vice President at the World Bank Group Lisa Rosen visited today the small and medium manufacturing industries supported by the bank in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The vice president jointly with Ethiopia's Industry Minister Melaku Alebel visited the working conditions of the engineering and ATM textile and clothing manufacturing enterprises, which produce plastic ropes. Minister of Industry Melaku stated that the visit is amid at strengthening further support to these productive manufacturers that have been receiving loans from the World Bank. According to the minister, the small and medium manufacturing industries are playing a major role in Ethiopia's economy through creating job opportunities and income generating. On her part, the Vice President of the World Bank Group, Lisa Rosen expressed her satisfaction with the activities of the manufacturers she saw during her visit. She added that the industries are working in a manner that would support the efforts of climate friendly activities and i t is aligned with the goals of the World Bank Source: Ethiopian News Agency