Residents in Oromia Stage Rallies in Support of Ongoing Reform Agenda

Addis Ababa: Thousands of people in various cities and towns of Oromia region of Ethiopia have staged rallies in support of the ongoing reform agenda and praising the achievements registered over the past years. The rallies were held today in several cities of Oromia region in connection with the 6th anniversary of the far-reaching reform of the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The support rallies were held in major towns of the region including in Adama, Robe, Jimma, Negele Borana and other areas, as observed by ENA reporters. Government officials and community members joined the demonstrations, which aimed at consolidating the reform activities and maintaining peace. Accordingly, those rallies in many of the Oromia regional towns saw a significant turnout would be considered as a widespread support for the reform agenda. The demonstrators have carried placards displaying slogans such as "We will safeguard our victory and work together for mutual success,!' "Ethiopia will be bui lt on the foundations of multi-national brotherhood,!" ''Peace to All, All for Peace,!'' ''Shared Narration is a base for nation state building! and among others.The demonstrators in all towns and cities have pledged to further contribute to the peace efforts in their region and encourage the successes of the reform made over the past six years. They also emphasized the need to sustain the ongoing national reform, promote unity, and ensure that development initiatives should not be disrupted by anti-peace forces. Source: Ethiopian News Agency