PM Abiy Says Freedom Won’t Take Further Unless Ethiopians Create Nat’l Wealth, Get Rid of Poverty

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stressed in his statement on the 82nd Patriots Victory Day, the need for creating national wealth and getting rid of poverty in Ethiopia.

Patriots Victory Day is a national public holiday that marks the end of the Italian occupation and commemorates those who died during the occupation by honoring veterans of the resistance movement.

Ethiopians have celebrated the 82nd Patriots Victory Day today around the Victory Monument at Arat Kilo vicinity, in the capital in the presence of President Sahle-Work, patriots and various segments of the community.

Accordingly, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in his statement in connection with 82nd Patriots Victory Day underscored that Ethiopians should work hard to create national wealth and end poverty.

Abiy believed the freedom that has been secured by the forefathers must be supported by enhanced national wealth, unity and hardworking.

“In the economic sector, if we do not create national wealth and get rid of subsidies, freedom alone will not take us farther. ... Unless we are able to defeat division and disintegration by creating wealth, freedom alone cannot serve us as strength."

Noting that Ethiopia is a country that has its own victory day but not Independence Day, the prime minister said that it is because of our mothers and fathers who refused to compromise their freedom for anything and paid the ultimate price for it.

However, the premier argued that if Ethiopians don’t decide to serve their country and the people with sincerity and hard work, freedom alone will not bring progress.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency