Over 244 billion to be used to finance 2023 humanitarian response plan

The Boko Haram insurgencies in the Far North, violence in the Northwest and Southwest, Central African refugees’ influx in the East region, and the conflict in the Lake Chad basin are some of the vital assistance needs in Cameroon at the moment.

The United Nations Coordinator has unveiled the 2023 humanitarian tesponse plan estimated at over 400 million USD about 240 billion CFA. This was during a ceremony attended by the Minister of territorial administration, Paul Atanga Nji on May 11th in Yaounde.

The humanitarian response plan seeks to address the immediate and urgent needs of the most vulnerable people in Cameroon in 2023.

“The needs range from food insecurity to issues related to housing, water and sanitation and so many others. This amount will improve interventions for internally displaced persons, refugees, and people to return to their localities of origin,” the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Cameroon, Mathias Naab stated.

Launching the humanitarian response plan, Minister Paul Atanga Nji thanked partners for their contribution to providing humanitarian assistance and urged the international community to provide easy, flexible, and sufficient funding to sustain this year’s plan.

“As a result of relative calm in the Northwest and Southwest regions, more than 377,000 internally displaced persons have gone back to their homes. This has been possible thanks to the permanent financial and material assistance from the Presidential Humanitarian Special Support Program,” the minister reiterated.

It should be recalled that In 2022, of the $376 million (F CFA 225.6 billion) expected, only $2083.7 million (F CFA 125.2 billion) was finally received, or a percentage of 55.5%, according to OCHA figures

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 2.7 million people, 77% of whom are women and children, need urgent assistance. This office reports that these people suffer from the effects of violence, climate shocks, and epidemics.

Source: Cameroon News Agency