Lady golfer advocates participation of more women in golf

Lami Ahmed, Ladies Golf Association of Nigeria (LGAN), Zonal Vice-Presidential candidate for the North, has called for participation of more women in the game of golf.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Ahmed is vying for the position of the LGAN Zonal Vice-President, North, at the upcoming elections.

The election is expected to take place immediately after the 2023 Nigeria Ladies Open, organised by LGAN in Abuja.

The event began on Thursday and is expected to end on Sunday at the TYB International Golf Resort and Country Club.

Ahmed told NAN on the sidelines of the tournament on Saturday that her agenda was to ensure the active participation of ladies in the Northern Zone, in golf.

“When I become the zonal vice-president, North, by the grace of God, my agenda will be majorly focused on the Northern ladies.

“One of the things I want to bring on board is to have more women playing golf.

“I will also ensure that more clubs in the North that are in existence and don’t have the ladies section become active in that area.

“I want to meet one-on-one with the captains of these various clubs to give opportunities to the ladies, their wives, sisters, and so on, to play,” she said.

She also said that her concern was the well-being of the Ladies in the North, adding that playing golf was a sure way for them to stay healthy.

The former Lady Captain of IBB International Golf and Country Club also pointed out that golf was one out of the few sports one never retires from playing.

“Golf is a game of life and we are also interested in the well-being of women and one of the ways to improve our well-being is to ensure that ladies play golf.

“If you compare all the games that people play now – football, table-tennis, squash, and so on, golf is one of the very few games that you can play from cradle to your old age, and it is very healthy.

“So, women should be entitled to play such a game that is so beneficial to their health,” she said.

She described golf as a unifying factor, adding that there was a need for ladies in the North to develop a strong bond that could go beyond the game.

“I also want to see a United Northern ladies where we come together to build a team and become friends so that we can take relationships beyond golf.

“Golf brings us together but we are first of all human beings before becoming golf players.

“So we must play together, love each other, come out and enjoy ourselves for recreation,” she said.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria