Kribi: Baby administered yellow fever vaccine still risks permanent paralysis

The five-month-old baby girl who was administered two doses of the yellow fever vaccine in a private clinic in Kribi, South region, leaving her in a critical condition is back from India alongside her parents, where she was evacuated to by Cameroonian health authorities for treatment on October 14, 2023.

Unfortunately, no major improvement has been recorded as the baby, according to her mother, is still blind, deaf, dumb and unable to sit or even move her body.

“There’s no major change. Doctors in India told us she requires one year of intensive treatment. While we were there , we spent the sum of F CFA 2 million. That was all we had. They gave us some medication which we are giving to the baby,” Dzelem Bomki Ivoline, mother of the baby explains.

To be able to save their baby from a permanent paralysis and disabilities, the couple needs the sum of F CFA 10 million.

“Doctors say the one year treatment will cost over nine million FCFA. Once available, they will begin treatment,” Ivoline added.

Ivoline and her husband, Iyoha Efosa are back in Cameroon to solicit help from persons of goodwill to raise this amount to quickly treat their baby before her condition becomes irreversible.

“Right now we are helpless. We have no dime. Our wish is that people of goodwill out there stretch us a helping hand. We are begging.”Ivoline said in tears.

It should be recalled the couple declared that they had already spent the sum of F CFA 4 million for tests and treatment at the Douala Gynaco-Obstetric and Pediatric hospital before seeking help from the Ministry of public health.

Source: Cameroon News Agency