Kribi: months old baby risks paralysis after yellow fever vaccine

A baby girl, just few months old is suffering from serious health complications which risk paralyzing her after she was administered two doses of the yellow fever vaccine in a private clinic in Kribi, Ocean division of the the South region recently.

“When my baby was injected the yellow fever vaccine on both legs for the two doses, she cried loud and suddenly went silent. She fell on my arms and till date, she is unable to sit up straight or move her body,” Dzelen Bomki Ivoline, the baby’s mother explained.

Ivoline and her husband have since then been to several hospitals in search of a solution but have been unsuccessful so far.

“We went to the Kribi General Hospital and the Doctor called my husband and said the situation of the child is serious and if she is not rushed to the Douala Gynaco-Obstetric and Pediatric hospital for certain tests to be conducted, the complications might be irreversible,” Ivoline added.

The couple explained that after spending close to F CFA 4 million, they decided to seek help from the Ministry of Public Health but were not immediately received.

“While at the Ministry, they told me that no matter the condition my baby, I cannot see the Minister. I spent the whole day there and left,” Iyoha Efosa, the baby’s father recounted. It was finally on October 14, 2023 that the family was evacuated to India for treatment, 120 days after the baby received the injections and her condition had unfortunately deteriorated.

“They started treatment on this baby after one month on credit. The ministry gave no dime. Even promises made were not fulfilled,” the baby’s father disclosed.

This version was however debunked on state media by the Minister of Public Health as he said “quick measures were taken to treat the baby.”

The couple are now back in Cameroon with no major change on their baby’s condition and are wishing persons of goodwill come to their aid.

Source: Cameroon News Agency