INSA Thwarts Close to 99 Percent Attempted Cyberattacks in Half Year

Addis Ababa: The Information Network Security Administration (INSA) said it has successfully thwarted 98.56 percent of the 4,623 attempted cyberattacks targeting government and private institutions during the past six months of the Ethiopian Fiscal Year. In his presser today, Information Network Security Administration (INSA) Director-General Solomon Soka said cyberattacks have surged by 115 percent when compared to same period last year. Had the attacks succeeded, the nation could have incurred over 10.5 billion Birr loss, he added. Recognizing the importance of early detection and vulnerability management, INSA had also conducted cyber risk assessment surveys on 7 institutions and the technologies of 149 private and government entities. These assessments identified potential cyberattack risks, enabling the institutions to pro-actively address vulnerabilities and strengthen their defenses, the director-general noted. Stating that INSA also controls technologies imported from different countries, Solomon said the administration banned 338 items out of the 2,999. He pointed out that the banned list included tools that could facilitate telecom fraud such as simboxes, drones, GPS technologies, and satellite equipment. The director general attributed the increase in cyberattacks to a confluence of factors, including the global surge in digitization, the rising financial benefits for attackers, and Ethiopia's own rapid advancements in digital infrastructure. To protect the country from cyberattacks, Solomon emphasized the need for collective action, urging individuals and institutions to raise awareness and prioritize robust cyber security measures Source: Ethiopian News Agency