House Pledges Support to ENA in Endeavor to Become Leading Media in Africa

Addis Ababa: The House of People's Representatives has pledged support to the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) in its endeavors to establish itself as an exemplary, reliable and influential source of news in Africa. ENA has inaugurated today a state-of-the-art media complex in the presence of high ranking government officials and invited guests. It is to be recalled that the news agency has been working to accomplish the mission of creating national consensus and building the image of the country. After being reorganized in 2019 and held accountable to the House of People's Representatives with the goal of strengthening institutional frameworks and expanding service delivery, ENA has been striving to fulfill its obligations by establishing a new media complex fitted with cutting edge technology. Speaking to ENA on the sidelines of the inaugural ceremony, House of People's Representatives Democracy Affair Standing Committee Chairperson Ewnetu Alene and committee member Abune Alem have commended the news agency for its continued efforts to strengthen its capabilities with a view to producing better media contents. They also pledged to support ENA in its efforts to establish itself as an exemplary, reliable and influential leading media in Africa. The MPs further noted that ENA needs to enhance its language diversity to reach the global community and become competitive. According to them, the news agency with the new cutting-edge capabilities is well-positioned to elevate the Ethiopian media. The Ethiopian News Agency, the nation's most seasoned media house with 38 branch offices, has been distributing news, news related stories, documentaries, and television programs. The agency disseminates information in eight local and international languages, including Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna, Somali, Afar, English, Arabic, and French. The vision of the agency is to become one of Africa's reliable and dependable sources that promotes continental interests by expanding its reach. Source: Ethiopian News Agency