Frustrated and pained, UFC boss, Dana White, says Nganou’s PFL deal, senseless

Petit, spiteful little man Dana White has not yet gotten over Francis Nganou’s transition from UFC to PFL.

In an interview, Dana White said the Cameroonian was “afraid” to take risks, reasons why he fought only three fights in three years.

Dana continued, that the deal with PFL is senseless and will not yield any fruits.

“I know how the story ends…he is not even fighting their champions right now. He wants the box and from what I am hearing he is not going to fight for another year…based on what I know about the deal which is not much. It makes no sense when you pay a guy not to fight for a whole year. The day that we released him, I knew exactly what was going to happen”

He laughed over a close to 300 million deal between the PFL and some businessmen from the middle east, “Who is gonna give them 280 to 300 thousand dollars from the middle east,” he questioned.

The former UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Nganou in a series of tweets, asked Dana White to leave him alone because he completed his contract and was never released as claimed.

Nganou whose new contract with PFL will see him as the PFL African Chairman, said he is happy that he is finally being recognised and respected and that is all that matters.

On May 19, Mr Nganou tweeted that Dana White should contact PFL if he wants his fighter, Jon Jones to face the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Source: Cameroon News Agency