Ethiopia Remains Committed to Reinforce Energy Connectivity in East Africa: CEO

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia has remained committed to consolidate its ongoing endeavors on the electric power connectivity in the east African region, said the CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power. Speaking to ENA the Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Ashebir Balcha said that Ethiopia is working hard to enlarge its electricity supply for neighboring countries. According to the CEO, Ethiopia has been successfully supplying energy to Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya. Ashebir also disclosed the plan to export electric power to South Africa passively through the East African Power Pool. In his recent interview with ENA, Water and Energy Minister Habtamu Itefa highlighted the growing demand for Ethiopian electricity, with recipient countries witnessing a 15 percent annual surge. The chief executive officer indicated that an agreement has been reached recently to supply electric power to Tanzania. Moreover, other neighboring countries such as South Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda have shown interest to import electricity power from Ethio pia. Following the growing demand, he stated that Ethiopia has engaged in discussion with these countries, adding that this is a demonstration that Ethiopia will continue to strengthen the energy connectivity in the region. The renewable energy that we are currently producing is also benefiting neighboring countries beyond Ethiopia, the CEO revealed Source: Ethiopian News Agency