Ethiopia Pursues Principle of Shared, Mutual Dev’t With Its Neighbors : Ambassadors

Ethiopia is working based on the principle of shared development and mutual benefits in the region, Ethiopia's ambassadors in Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti remarked. The latest agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland was conducted with the principle of "give and take" and shared development, the ambassadors told the Ethiopian News Agency. Ethiopia's ambassador to Kenya, Bacha Debele, said that his country is making extra efforts to ensure sustainable peace and shared prosperity across the region and beyond. In particular, he appreciated the practical work being done in creating infrastructure and trade ties with neighboring countries, and explained that any infrastructure or other joint development projects will be implemented based on the country's foreign policy that prioritizes neighboring countries. The ambassador pointed out that Ethiopia has been carrying out cooperation with its neighbors based on the country's foreign policy. He further stated that the MoU signed by Ethiopia with Somaliland to o btain a sea port is based on mutual development and benefits and follows the principle of give and take. This is where Ethiopia's policy of collaborative development initiated, he said, adding that Ethiopia bases a lot of its diplomatic efforts on the shared development premise. ' Developing together is the principal idea of our policy. Ethiopia's principle of shared development is one of the pillars of its diplomatic activities. Different things can be taken as an example in this regard. We can cite the Lamu Port South Sudan - Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor that will bring the region together and ensure the regional cooperation. It will even cover the Western countries if a railway is built, starting from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, then Uganda. It plays a fundamental role in the fight against poverty together and makes a great contribution,' he said. Ethiopia's Ambassador to Somalia, Mukhtar Mohamed on his part said that Ethiopia is working with neighboring countries to support its desire to p rosper together. The ambassador mentioned that Ethiopia has been exerting efforts to make regional integration a reality and carrying out development works that benefit neighboring countries. For instance, he said that the Galmudug city of Somalia has submitted a request to benefit from electricity service from Ethiopia and stated that the request has been viewed positively by the government of Ethiopia. 'The recent MoU signed with Somaliland is based on mutual benefit and the historical, natural, geographical and cultural ties between the peoples in the region. This connection is natural. It is not something we are talking about today. It is a fact that cannot be broken by political arguments or pressure from elites. Instead we must be able to build on this.' The ambassador said such agreements would help to ensure mutual benefit, shared prosperity and development. It requires generosity, foresight and sincerity. By doing this, Ethiopia will not harm anyone, but it is a way of showing commitment to grow together. Ethiopia's ambassador to Djibouti, Berhanu Tsegaye, said that the friendship between Ethiopia and Djibouti, which has been going on for more than 100 years, has been strengthened through mutual development and benefit. He explained that the two countries are working more closely on the principle of mutual benefit in roads, railways, ports, water, electricity and other sectors. The MoU signed recently between Ethiopia and Somaliland is based on this principle. 'We are working to ensure economic benefit of others by giving what we have to those who do not have it. For example, when we give potable water to Djibouti, Djibouti provides us with the things that we need. This in turn ensures the mutual benefits of the two which must be further fostered," the ambassador said. Source: Ethiopian News Agency