ENA’s Media Complex Milestone to Promote Ethiopia to World: GCS Minister

Addis Ababa: The inauguration of the Ethiopian News Agency's (ENA) modern media complex marks a milestone in the agency's capability to showcase Ethiopia to the global community, remarked Government Communication Service Minister Leggese Tulu. The minister made the remark at the inaugural ceremony of ENA's state-of-the-art media complex in the presence of high ranking government officials. The new media complex is equipped with cutting edge media facility that encompasses three TV and four radio studios vital to producing high-quality contents.On the occasion, Leggese stated that ENA has now built vital capacity to highlight Ethiopia's stature internationally. This infrastructure empowers ENA to share compelling stories that convey Ethiopia as a leading African nation, he added. The minister encouraged ENA to harness its full potential and rally society around the urgent cause of national unity. Minister Leggese affirmed that the Government Communication Service will provide assistance for ENA's efforts carried out in its revitalized facilities.By leveraging these advanced capabilities after 81 years of journalism, ENA seems well-positioned to take Ethiopian media to new heights. ENA, the nation's most seasoned media house, has been distributing news and news related stories, documentaries, and television programs through its 38 branch offices nationwide. The agency disseminates its media products in eight local and international languages including Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna, Somali, Afar, English, Arabic, and French. The Ethiopian News Agency is also working to become one of Africa's reliable and dependable sources of media house that promotes continental interest by expanding its reach. Source: Ethiopian News Agency