ENA Contributing as African Voice with Spirit of Pan-Africanism: Federation Speaker

Addis Ababa: The Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) has been serving as the voice of Africans with the spirit of Pan-Africanism during the colonial era in their fight for freedom, Speaker of the House of Federation, Agegnehu Teshager said. High ranking government officials including Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abiebie and others attended the inaugural ceremony of ENA's media facility that encompasses three TV and four radio studios today. The media facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art editing and recording equipment vital to producing high-quality contents, it was indicated. In his keynote address at the ceremony, Speaker of the House of Federation Agegnehu said that Ethiopian News Agency is one of the oldest institutions which has contributed a lot in the country's media industry. In particular, the speaker said ENA has been leaving its legacy in building the nation by playing its part in creating national consensus and promoting the true image of the country to the global community. He further state d that the agency has also played a crucial role as the voice of Ethiopians for more than 80 years. Agegnehu added ENA has written its own history by covering the social, political, and economic undertakings of the country. He also mentioned that this media organization had been in the forefront during the anti-colonial struggle in the African continent and served as a voice of Pan-Africanism movement. The Speaker also stressed the need for a unifying narrative that the mass media should work in heterogeneous society. To this end, the Ethiopian News Agency is discharging its mission of creating national consensus and building the country's image that strengthens unity and cooperation. Particularly, the agency is exemplary in disseminating information for the external world and promoting Ethiopia's national interests through various foreign languages, he said. Accordingly, the newly built modern media complex will make the agency communicate higher national mission and create a favorable environment. An d ENA is expected to build the true image of Ethiopia in order to make current and urgent national and public agendas more reachable. Source: Ethiopian News Agency