Douala: Police apprehends 28-year-old lady accused of cyber criminality

Elements of the anti-crime unit of the Bonanjo Judicial police in Douala have arrested and presented to the public a suspected cyber criminal, 28-year-old lady called Crescence .

She is accused of hacking the WhatsApp account of a business lady who sells cloths online, and using a fake Facebook account with the business lady’s photo to extort money from her customers. She succeeded to dupe people a global sum of FCFA 5.000.000.

“I sell different wears online. Some of my customers at one point began contacting and calling me thief and scammer for collecting their money and not delivering them their commands. That is how it greatly affected my business. I was forced to ask one of my customers who gave me screenshots of conversation with the cyber criminal. I saw a fake account of me on Facebook and my hacked WhatsApp.” Francine Ngouabe, the business lady and victim explained to reporters.

Arrest of the suspect came after Francine filed a complaint with the Bonanjo Judicial Police. An investigation was immediately carried leading to the suspect’s arrest.

“Mme Francine approached us after receiving several complaints from her customers. We opened investigation and arrested the suspect who hacked Francine’s WhatsApp account. When she collected money, she blocked the victim. She succeeded to dupe Francine’s customers the sum of five million FCFA. The suspect has admitted committing the crimes.” Commander Essono Edou Arsène, head of the research and investigation unit revealed.

28-year-old Crescence will answer to the accusations against her before judicial authorities in the days ahead.

In the meantime, Commander Essono Edou Arsène advised the population to be very vigilant when trading online and make sure they know exactly who they send money to.

In Cameroon, the law on cyber criminality infringes anyone found guilty, a prison sentence of six months to two years and a fine of five million to 10 million FCFA.

Source: Cameroon News Agency