Buea attack: Separatist group targets civilians in attack, burn cars

A separatist group called the Fako Mountain Lions 1, paying allegiance to the Interim Government of Samuel Sako Ikome, said they attacked multiple areas in Buea, South West region on January 29, 2024. Members of the Fako Mountain Lions reiterated in a video they shared on Social Media that they attacked Buea because denizens have not been respecting ghost towns- civil disobedience imposed by them. At least one person, Derrick Musonge, was confirmed dead, four cars burned to ashes while two other cars had windscreens destroyed. Sources say two girls were declared missing in the area. The deceased victim was the relative of the former Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge. Since January 9, 2017, Separatists fighting to restore the independence of former British Southern Cameroon declared that every Monday would be observed as a ghost town day. But they said Buea has been respecting the 'tradition' 'Today January 29, 2024…we are live at the central market, you have seen these are people who violate ghost t owns. Today we are here, to let you know that anyone who violates Ghost down, will go down…' One fighter said, adding that they are receiving commands from self-styled major general Sagat. Source: Cameroon News Agency