Barred from marching in Bamenda, Frankist movement pours venom

Wearing sky blue T-shirts and holding the Cameroon flag, at the last minute when associations and political parties were to march, the Secretary-General at the North West Governor’s office stopped the FRANKISTS from marching without any explanation.

The MCFM is a movement created and made up of members who support and want the president’s son, Emmanuel Paul Biya, to succeed his father as president of the Republic.

Police officers are reported to have blocked the FRANKISTS MOVEMENT at the commercial avenue and asked them not to proceed with the marchpast because they have been given instructions by the Secretary-General to the North West governor’s office, Basiliken George Emmanuel, not to allow them to march.

In reaction, the SG of the Frankists movement ( MCFP ) Fungwe Elvis said, he was embarrassed with the decision of the North West governor’s office to stop the movement from marching on 20th May in Bamenda, whereas the movement marched in Wum, Nkambe, Babessi and in Ndu.

“It is a kind of hatred which I think the governor’s office will have to look over it again. We deposited an application to march on 20th May with the SG at the governor’s office, we all discussed and made him understand that, (MCFP) wasn’t yet a political party, but a movement that want to partake in the national day under associations. He saw that with us and we showed him documents showing the movements papers were at the office of territorial Administration pending recognition as a political party. He even encouraged us to meet other groups at commercial avenue doing rehearsals prelude to 20th May, which we did, but I was surprised again that after mobilizing our members and spending to have them at commercial avenue, the North West governor’s office had to stop us from marching. This is wickedness. The movement marched in Buea, Bafousam, Doula, and other towns in Cameroon, why stop us in Bamenda?” he said.

The movement now has executive bureaus in all the ten regions of Cameroon, and it’s gradually having bureaus in all divisions and sub-divisions of Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency