Bafang: Lady scammed to death

By Stephen TADAHA A young girl in Bafang, Upper Nkam division of the West Region, has lost her life after falling into the trap of a scammer. The lady whose only name we got was Christine, reportedly received an SMS on her phone indicating she was credited a sum of money, an undisclosed amount. ' After receiving a fake Mobile Money cash-in message on her phone, Christine was called by somebody who pretended to have mistakenly sent the money to her. The individual pleaded with her to return the amount sent. This is how Christine innocently returned the money before discovering later that her account had been emptied' A close source recounted. After noticing she had been scammed, she decided to report the matter to the police station where she was asked to write a complaint. At the police station, the student was sent to the secretariat where she suddenly collapsed when the complaint was being written. Informed of the situation, the police did not take action, saying she must be epileptic and that she wou ld regain consciousness shortly, but she was later declared dead by medics on that Saturday, January 27, 2024. Her anger caused a cardiorespiratory attack which caused her death according to the same sources. Christine was an Agribusiness Engineering student at a private institution. Several Cameroonians have been duped by this scamming method where fake messages are being sent to subscribers after knowing the amount of money they have in their mobile money accounts. Source: Cameroon News Agency