AFCON2023 performance: Bikutsi goddess throws weight behind Samuel Eto’o

Wilson Musa The dismal performance of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon at the AFCON2023 was not well-digested by Cameroonian football lovers. Many still believe that the country's Football FA president, Samuel Eto'o had an invisible hand in the Lions' defeat and brutal exit in the 8th finals. Cameroonian said he should dismiss underperforming coach, former player, Rigobert Song. But the FA recently held a meeting where they did not mention the issue of Song. Instead, they rejected a supposed resignation from Samuel Eto'o. Bikutsi singer and songwriter, Adèle Ruffine Ngono, known by her stage name Lady Ponce, on Tuesday said, 'Enough is enough' with the Eto'o barging. The woman who is known for her friendship with the former captain of the Indomitable Lions, wondered why Cameroonians are not going after those accused of embezzling money. 'They love those who embezzle from the public treasury. They hate young people like you who have earned their money with dignity. Since you have been at Fecafoot, they ha ve transformed Fecafoot into the presidency of the republic, as if you were the president of Cameroon, to solve their problems. They have created what is known as a death sentence on you to destroy you.' She said in a Facebook post. The singer also lamented that these insults are being vehiculated on social media with no mercy on Eto'o, adding that there is an urgent need to rebuild Cameroon and the younger generation. 'You have to kill your brother at any cost, by any means necessary, by smearing him and denigrating him morning, noon, and night. As if football could solve 1% of Cameroon's problems. Morning noon evening, Eto'o, Eto'o, Eto'o and they are happy as if you were the child of an animal. My beloved brother, nothing will happen to you. You are a blessed child of God and their hatred towards you will never change who you are or take away your blessings.' Source: Cameroon News Agency