Spotlight: Meet Hans Asa Tanga, humanitarian and serial entrepreneur

In the fields of education, health, protection (GBV), livelihood, and environmental sustainability, Hans Asa Tanga, makes himself available with an expertise-driven success recorded throughout his career.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Bogi Health Organization for Development (BHODEV), an NGO based in Buea, the capital of the South West Region of Cameroon. Mr. Asa also doubles as the founder of Bogi Limited Liability Company (BLC) and RV DIS TICARET LIMITED SiRkETi, Istanbul-Turkey.

He is business-inclined with great interest in investing in people and the planet. An enthusiast of the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 of the United Nations, Hans Asa dreams of a world with equal opportunities and sustainability.

Through his NGO, BHODEV, his team successfully coordinated the implementation of up to 10+ WASH-related projects within Cameroon. Actively engaged in Protection (GBV) situations responses and analysis.

As a specialist in educational psychology and a promoter of knowledge and learning, he has made sure that people especially children and the elderly faced with challenges and traumatic backgrounds are duly considered in the school curriculum in stakeholders’ approaches towards global Education and skills acquisition.

He is duly engaged in Sustainable Development Goal 4, through his actions in communities including but not limited to the renovation of 5 decapitated school buildings within the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon, offering them benches for safe and comfortable learning leading to inclusive and integrated spaces for both formal and nonformal education, the yearly distribution of didactic materials to less privilege children, street children and Internally Displaced Persons in the crisis affected areas of Cameroon, making sure no one is left behind as stipulated by the SDGs.

His NGO is currently partnering with the Ministry of Public Health to advocate and sensitize communities on good health practices and options for sustainability. He also partners with INGOs in the implementation of emergency response projects in line with natural disasters, crisis management, and the environment in accordance with the expectations of the SDGs.

At the Bogi Limited Liability, Mr Asa executes real estate projects and services to a large customer base at home and abroad, as well as social compliance of customer consultancy for green services.

Importer and exporter to develop the international trade sector of Cameroon and other partner countries; Hans Asa is one of the leading suppliers of metal, plastic scrap, food, and beverages within the RV RV DIS TICARET LIMITED SiRkETi. A contributor to the Turkish national economy due to his tax-paying responsibilities of high fulfillment to date. A promoter of Agro-industrial development which takes into consideration the needs of the society and the environment at large.

Source: Cameroon News Agency