Solution to restore Mount Bamboutos landscape on farmers, population

Deforestation, the use of chemicals such as pesticides by farmers, and Agro pastoral conflicts are some of the activities identified as major causes of the degrading nature of the Mount Bamboutos landscape linking 8 municipalities in the West, North West, and South West Regions.

This was revealed during a workshop organized on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 by Rainbow Environment Consult at the conference hall of the Babadjou Council. The workshop that went in line with the Community Based Landscape Management project, COBALAM, was aimed at discussing with farmers and grazers at the Mount Bamboutos landscape, and members of the Babadjou Council landscape management committee, to identify degrading factors on the landscape.

Among the major problems identified, were the use of chemicals such as pesticides by farmers, deforestation, and agro-pastoral conflicts.

” Also, water is gradually becoming scarce in the zone. These are realities noted during this workshop by participants. This study will help us get optimum solutions in the nearest future to restore the landscape. ” WADO Darling of Rainbow Environment Consult told us.

After the identification of these major problems, the COBALAM project on the Mount Bamboutos landscape will be implemented by Rainforest Alliance, we learned.

After taking part in the workshop, the 1st Deputy mayor, Mr Nolabo Paul was optimistic that the project will go a long way to restore the landscape.

” My impressions are good because, from presentations made this afternoon and the diagnostic works done by experts, I think the Mount Bamboutos landscape which links many Municipalities, will once again have its Biodiversity restored.” Nolabo Paul, said

Farmers on the landscape, on whom accusing fingers are being pointed, for the use of chemicals and deforestation, say they gradually understand where the project is heading to.

” This workshop as I understood, guides us towards the restoration of the Mount Bamboutos landscape. I think we can attain the goal. I think if we retire this landscape through reforestation, for example, it will be beneficial for both our ecosystem and us. It’s difficult because we carry on agriculture as our main source of living on this landscape but I hope if this project is implemented, things will be alright ” A participant told us.

The project, put in place by the Government of Cameroon, concerns the councils of Mbouda, Nkongdzem, Babadjou, Bafou, and Fongo Tongo councils in the West Region; Alou and Wabane in the South West Region, and Santa in the North West Region.

It targets at least 3,000 direct beneficiaries over five years (2020-2025), with 50 percent being women. About 10 percent of the total landscape population is going to benefit directly from the project.”

The project is aimed at removing Barriers to Biodiversity Conservation, Land Restoration, and Sustainable Forest Management through Community-based Landscape Management, COBALAM.

Source: Cameroon News Agency