Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Security Guidance in Elevated crime areas

The Embassy Security Officer has provided the following guidance for Embassy employees, in light of recent elevated crime trends:

The Embassy Security Officer has determined that Petionville, parts of Tabarre, Delmas, the airport, and Route de Frere are heightened risk areas. The Embassy Security Officer has determined these areas to have been most affected by recent crime trends. Violent crimes, particularly robberies, are prevalent in these areas. The modus operandi for these robberies has been to attack individuals coming out of banks/having just used an ATM machine or persons that are walking from their vehicles to businesses/restaurants. The assailants are most often armed and have used violence even when not provoked.

Precautionary security measures (recommendations) to avoid becoming a victim:

o Do not use public banks/ATMs visible to the street. Some ATMs, are actually in public view and have been used to target victims. Also, be advised that "spotters" sit and wait at banks and ATMs and relay information about customers to awaiting robbers.

o Avoid all walking movements in the above areas, to include parking nearby and walking to a business/restaurant.

o Avoid self-driving to businesses in these areas that do not have secure on-site parking, including restaurants and grocery stores. It is not considered safe to park nearby and walk to the restaurants.

o Arrange airport transfers and hotels in advance or have your host meet you upon arrival. Embassy personnel are no longer allowed to self-drive to or from the airport.

Please be hyper vigilant with regard to personal protective measures, particularly with election season now beginning. Avoid crowds and demonstrations. Do not attempt to pass through/around road blocks. Do not resist in robbery attempts - comply. Nothing is worth your life. The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to not put oneself in a position to be victimized. The aforementioned security measures would have prevented the vast majority of reported crimes.

Source: Overseas Security Advisory Council.