Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Port-au-Prince (HaA�ti), Rain, Mudslides and Flooding–Life Safety Precautions

The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. Citizens that due to ongoing rain and soil saturation in many parts of the country over the last several days, there is a heightened risk for mudslides and flooding. The Sud Departement has been particularly affected by these rains, which have already led to rising rivers and flooding in urban areas. All U.S. Citizens are advised to remain vigilant and closely follow the advice issued by emergency officials.

The start of the annual rainy season is a good time to review safety procedures for flooding. Flooding in Haiti is a matter of life/safety. About half of all flood-related deaths are caused by drivers proceeding in unsafe flood conditions. Fast rising water across a street can cause you to lose control of your vehicle in as little as 6 inches of water. If you see water on the road from flooding you should turn around. When in doubt, turn around. When not in doubt, turn around. Did you know that as little as 18 inches of water can cause a vehicle to become buoyant? Also, hidden dangers of dips in roads,washed out sections of roads previously in good condition and now covered in water, and fast moving water are serious dangers to driving in flood waters.

Turn around ... don't drown.

In the event of heavy rains, U.S. citizens are advised to hold fast at their location until such time as the rain has stopped and flooding has abated. Note that water may continue to rise for some time after rains have diminished or stopped. If you are away from home and in a safe place stay there. If you are in a vehicle and at least on high ground, find a safe area to stop and remain in the vehicle.

Source: Overseas Security Advisory Council