Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Nairobi (Kenya), Tokyo International Conference on African Development

The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) Summit is scheduled to take place in Nairobi, Kenya from August 27-28, 2016 at the Kenyatta International Conference Center. As with all large events, there is the opportunity for criminal elements to target participants and visitors. Large-scale public events may also be a target for terrorists.

Access to the area around the KICC will be restricted to accredited delegates to TICAD; most roads in the immediate vicinity of the KICC will be closed to traffic with the exception of accredited delegation vehicles. Expect additional road closures, hotel room shortages, and movement restrictions in and around Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD) during the conference. Protests, rallies, and demonstrations could occur with little notice. U.S. citizens should:

� Be prepared for additional security screening and unexpected travel disruptions and road closures, particularly in central Nairobi.

� Monitor media and local information sources regarding TICAD-related developments and factor updated information into personal travel plans and activities.

� Avoid crowds and remain alert when using public transportation.

� Report specific safety concerns to local law enforcement authorities.

� Stay in touch with your family members and ensure they know how to reach you in the event of an emergency.

Source: Overseas Security Advisory Council