Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo), Travel Update to the Pool Region

The U.S. Embassy reminds U.S. citizens of the ongoing security situation in the Pool Region. In the past week, violent attacks against vehicles, a train, security personnel, and civilians have reportedly resulted in at least 20 deaths, multiple injuries, and one kidnapping. There have also been incidents reported in the Mouyondzi area of the Bouenza Region. Numerous armed robberies of vehicles traveling on National Route 1 between Brazzaville and Mindouli have been reported, with at least one deadly attack within 16 miles (25 km) of Brazzaville, as well as several attacks on the new road from Brazzaville to Mindouli.

Please review the map on our website where armed confrontations have been reported in the Pool and Bouenza districts. U.S. citizens should continue to avoid these areas of the country if possible and exercise caution when traveling anywhere in the vicinity. Violent incidents have been specifically reported in the Pool Region's administrative areas of Kinkala, Goma Tse-Tse, Loumou, Mayama, Mindouli, Kindamba, and Kimba. Additional violent incidents have been reported in the Mouyondzi area of the Bouenza Region.

Review your personal security plans; remain aware of your surroundings, including local events; and monitor local news stations for updates. Maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security and follow instructions of local authorities.

Source: Overseas Security Advisory Council.