Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Athens (Greece), Planned Demonstrations and Metro Closure Feb 18-20

The U.S. Embassy Athens informs U.S citizens that the following demonstrations and metro stations closure are going to take place tomorrow, Saturday, February 18, on Sunday, February 19 and on Monday, February 20

Demonstrations for Saturday:

Time: 12:00

Where: Attiki Square. A march may follow.

Who: Anarchists and anti-authoritarians

Time: 17:00

Where: Old Athens airport (Posidonos Ave.)

Who: Movement against racism (KEERFA)

Demonstration for Sunday:

Time: 17:00

Where: Eleonas Metro station, Votanikos area (blue line). A march will follow to Eleonas Refugee camp.

Who: Movement against racism (KEERFA)

Demonstration for Monday:

Time: 13:00

Where: Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction (27 Stadiou St., Athens)

Who: Federation of workers of all specializations in the municipalities and local communities of Greece (POE/OTA)

Closure of Metro stations this weekend

- The metro stations: Syntagma, Argyroupoli of line 2 (red line) and Nomismatokopio, Doukisis Plakentias of line 3 (blue line) will remain closed. During the two days the train will pass through these stations without stopping. On line 3 (blue line), Halandri will be the terminal station for the passengers which want to be transferred to the airport.

Source: Overseas Security Advisory Council