President Weah Wishes Muslims Good Tidings at Ramadan

Monrovia, Liberia - As Muslims the world over have begun to observe the Holy Fasting Month of Ramadan, President George Manneh Weah has extended his best wishes to Muslims in Liberia and called on them to continue to pray for national peace, reconciliation and prosperity of the Country.

The Liberian leader acknowledged the invaluable role of Liberian Muslims in Liberia's development, peace and stability, stating further that this year's month of prayer will be used to seek Allah's unqualified favor upon Liberia as one big family.

President Weah said all Liberians, irrespective of religious preference, are tied together by one vision, one nation and one destiny and it is only worthy that we pray for each other.

In these times of national adversities, when his government is endeavoring to sustain the peace and improve the wellbeing of Liberians, President Weah said Muslims should offer special prayers for the country's stability and peace.

He called on Liberian Muslims to reflect on the root word of Ramadan which means 'extreme heat'; that makes the Muslims' Fast Month a spiritual process of burning away sin with good deeds.

The Liberian leader expressed the hope that the next month of prayer will make Liberian Muslims commit themselves to profound devotion and selflessness and commitment to the principles of love and peace.

Source: The Executive Mansion