President Sirleaf’s Reflections on Outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron

President Sirleaf's Reflections on Outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron proved a remarkable, energetic, charismatic and astute British Prime Minister of his time.

He demonstrated a towering and exceptional capability when Europe seem beset with a huge wave of challenges ranging from terrorism, mass migration of migrants and the quest for a united an strong United Kingdom.

I am pleased to have worked with him as one of three Co-chairpersons appointed by the United Nations Secretary General to lead a multi-nation Panel to formulate the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) as a successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). He contributed immensely as a great world leader as we championed the cause of a new world order to reduce poverty thus giving hope to disadvantaged people across the world.

Whether it was Jakarta, London or Monrovia-the former British Prime Minister was fully involved with a clear passion to serve and remove the constraints in promoting an equitable and integrated world.

David Cameron must have lost out on Brexit-but the world will remember him as one of the youngest and brightest British Prime Ministers of all time.

Meanwhile,President Sirleaf has congratulated new British Prime Minister, Teresa May for her preferment and call on her to accept it at a challenge when the U.K. needed her dearly.

Source: Executive Mansion