President Sirleaf Launches Tehr District Rally; Amid Huge Support from Bomi Legislative Caucus, Prominent Citizens, Over LD$700,000.00 Raised

Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Saturday officially launched the Terh District rally aimed at supporting several development projects in the District amid huge support from the Bomi Legislative Caucus cum prominent citizens - raising LD$700,000.00. in cash and pledges for Terh District is a newly created District in Bomi County.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President made the statement on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Program marking the launch of a rally for the development of the newly created Tehr District when she led an array of senior government officials including Bomi County Legislative Caucus for the launch of the rally in Monoon Town, Tehr District, Bomi County to accelerate development activities in the district.

President Sirleaf lauded the people of Terh District for their efforts in developing the district and underscored the need for openness and accountability. Also a citizen of Bomi County, President Sirleaf made a personal contribution of US$1,000.00 to kick start the rally, followed by Speaker Alex Tyler, Senator Sando Johnson, Carney Johnson, eminent citizens of Bomi, citizens of the five clans in Tehr District as well as the youth, women who generously gave cash and made pledges towards district development projects earmarked.

President Sirleaf who served as the Chief Launcher said she was glad that the district could muster the courage to design program of such nature to raise funds for its own development and not sit and wait on government to do everything which according to her was remarkable. The Liberian leader furthered that as she drove along the road, she noticed too many farms in Bomi County than ever before, which according to her is a sign of progress and should not to go unnoticed. She noted that: "Nobody will say again that Bomi citizens are lazy". She however called for transparency and accountability that will ensure the money is used for the intended purpose.

She thanked the Bomi Legislative Caucus for their intervention and support given to the district especially the Commissioner of Tehr District, Aaron B. Biomah for introducing ways and means of bringing development to the district and Bomi at large. She admonished the Commissioner and citizens of Tehr District to use the proceeds generated from the rally for the betterment of the district and Bomi.

Speaking earlier, House Speaker Alex Tyler congratulated President Sirleaf for once again demonstrating love for the county by suspending her very busy schedule to participate and contribute to the development of Terh district. He said this (rally) is the first of its kind in the district, which according to him is commendable and needs to be given attention and consideration. He pointed out that there are numeral projects being undertaken in the County by the Caucus not only from the CDF but also from their personal income ranging from road construction, Micro loan, etc.

In separate remarks, Terh District Commissioner Aaron Biama and Bomi County Superintendent Samuel Brown stressed the need for more quality development in the district noting that Terh district is the hope of Bomi County and commended President Sirleaf for her continued contribution and support to the county.

Source:Executive Mansion