PM Abiy Inaugurates ‘Lenegewa’ Women’s Rehabilitation and Skill Development Center in Addis Ababa

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today unveiled the remarkable 'Lenegewa' Women's Rehabilitation and Skill Development Center, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to transform the lives of vulnerable women trapped in street life and the sex trade. The center, consisting of 13 impressive structures, including classrooms, student accommodations, vocational training facilities, workshops, psychological support centers, and medical services, aims to provide a holistic approach to empower women. Designed to empower women through education and skill development, the 'Lenegewa' Center offers a comprehensive range of resources. Vulnerable women admitted to the facility will receive intensive skill training programs lasting from 3 to 6 months, equipping them with the necessary expertise for future employment. Engaging courses in computer literacy, textile and tailoring, electronics, beauty services, child rearing (tutoring), catering, and hospitality will be offered to maximize their potential. In his impassioned speech, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed emphasized the significance of the project in addressing the pressing issues within society. "This project is an exceptional endeavor among all the projects we have undertaken in Addis Ababa thus far," he remarked. "By uplifting 10,000 women from their present circumstances and providing them with improved job opportunities, we have the potential to emancipate a hundred thousand women from undesirable circumstances through the establishment of ten analogous centers." , Abiy Added. Mayor of Addis Ababa Adanech Abiebie, who has tirelessly championed the cause of women's empowerment for five years, expressed her belief in the center's ability to bring about lasting change. "Today, as we inaugurate this center, we believe that we are sowing the seeds of hope for a brighter tomorrow-an enduring foundation for change," she said. "By empowering vulnerable women and equipping them with essential skills and employment opportunities, we aim to pave the way for a fut ure brimming with hope and promise." , the mayor added. According to Adanech ,the inauguration of the 'Lenegewa' Women's Rehabilitation and Skill Development Center signifies a profound commitment to gender equality and the upliftment of women in society. It serves as a beacon of hope, promising a transformative journey towards a more inclusive and prosperous Ethiopia. The completion of the center within a remarkable 10-month timeframe is a testament to the commitment and dedication of all involved, it was learned. Women undergoing training at the facility will have access to a well-stocked library, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, and sports facilities, enhancing their personal growth and well-being. Recognizing the challenges faced by women seeking employment in Arab countries, the center also provides essential awareness training to ensure their safety and well-being during their time abroad. Furthermore, the center has allocated a significant portion of its land for urban agriculture, fostering sustaina bility and self-sufficiency. Source: Ethiopian News Agency