NUJ trains members on Solutions Journalism

The Niger State council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has trained its members on Solutions Journalism towards exposing them to new practices in the profession.

Mr Ismail Abdulaziz, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), conducted the training on Saturday in Minna.

NAN reports that members from all the correspondent chapels in the state turned out for the training.

“Solutions journalism is a rigorous research and fact based reporting about solutions taken by both state and non-state actors to social problems affecting the lives of the people.

“It is a satisfying new initiative for journalists because it make the news interesting to readers and subscribers who are tired of hearing and reading about problem based reporting only.

“One important aspect of Solutions Journalism is that it entails looking at the impact/relevance of the solution as well as explaining the limitations/challenges encountered while providing the solutions,” he said.

Abdulaziz, who is the head of Solutions Journalism in NAN, said that in solutions journalism the journalist must have a good working knowledge of the profession.

“This means that there is the need for you to have a look at what your research will centre on. It also allow you to make comparative research on solutions provided to a challenge from another clime that is similar to your local challenge,” he said.

AbdulAziz said that in solutions journalism the reporters need to focus on solutions being provided by individuals, NGOs, CSOs as well as governments at all level just as he can report on how a problem is solved somewhere.

“In the course of practicing Solutions Journalism, a journalist is exposed to the rudiments of making government accountable to the people.”

Abdulaziz said that the journalist must strictly adhere to the ethics of the profession in order to be successful in solutions journalism.

”As a new initiative, Solutions Journalism enable networking among journalists across the globe. It also has four universally accepted pillars that must be met.

“It offers chances of getting mentors, funds as well as availing you the opportunity of getting a story published in different news outlets across the world,” he said.

Mr Usman Chiji, a trainee and Secretary of the council, said that the training has inspired members to embrace the concept of solutions journalism in their reportage.

”Its a new initiative that we are opportune to be a part of. We will continue to avail our members of such trainings in order to improve their skill,” he said.

NAN reports that the training was conducted inform of an interactive session between the trainer and trainees.

NAN also reports that the state council

is made up of 11 existing chapels with over 250 members.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria