New 92-102hp Massey Ferguson 5700 completes Global Series family

Massey Ferguson (, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO) (, is proud to announce the full introduction of the new Massey Ferguson 5700 Series, completing the family of non-cab Global Series tractors.

The introduction of the MF 5700 Series platform tractor is an important step providing models with engine power outputs from 92 to 102hp, resulting in the Massey Ferguson Global Series providing a full range of tractors from 62kW/82hp to 98kW/132hp.

The MF 5700 Series offers a strong workhorse across a full range of applications, providing greater performance in a modern straight forward design, low cost of ownership and enhanced reliability, attributes already proven with the MF 4700 Series and flagship MF 6700 Series.

The MF 5700 Series provides the dependable power to be the primary cultivations tractor for crop growing enterprise, while offering the versatile transmission and operator comfort for haulage operations such as transporting sugar cane.

On larger farms and sugar estates the MF 5700 will form an important part of the fleet as a prime mover and haulage tractor.

Mike Brown, Market Manager, Massey Ferguson for Africa amp; Middle East comments: Following the path set out by the MF 4700 Series for a reliable workhorse which can perform a range of tasks for farming businesses, the MF 5700 Series combines greater performance with low cost of ownership and enhanced reliability. It features Massey Ferguson's latest engineering technology while remaining totally straightforward to operate and maintain.

The Massey Ferguson 5700 Series incorporates many key features:

4 cylinder, 4.4ltr turbocharged AGCO Power engine, MF 5709 69kW / 92hp, MF 5710 76kW / 102hp

12F x 12R synchromesh gearbox with either synchronised shuttle or power shuttle.

Heavy duty transaxle assembly with oil immersed disc brakes and electro-hydraulic operated differential lock.

Independent PTO (IPTO) with electro-hydraulic engagement.

IPTO 540 revs/min standard with 540E amp; 1000 revs/min options.

Electro-hydraulically engaged 4WD front axle with centre drive shaft and hydraulically locked differential.

Open centre hydraulic system with up to 98ltr/min available for auxiliary valves.

Rear linkage with external lift cylinders providing 4300kg maximum lift capacity.

Electronic Linkage Control system (ELC) with two lever operation.

Up to three auxiliary valves

Ergonomic operator station with side mounted gear levers and clear floor area.

ISO mounted flat floor platform accessible from both sides.

Pivoting Sheet metal with modern Massey Ferguson family appearance.

Radial tyres standard fitment.

Massey Ferguson has been benefiting from the reliability, high performance and low fuel consumption of AGCO Power engines for over 25 years. For the MF 5700 Series, AGCO Power has developed a completely new four-cylinder turbocharged engine to meet the requirements of this power sector while complying with Tier 2 emissions levels.

The basic engine shares many similar features to the power unit used in the MF 4708, but is designed for the greater output required for this power sector. With high torque for good pulling power, these low revving engines provide high performance with low noise and enhanced fuel economy.

Fuel is supplied from a 170 litre fuel tank located under the left hand footstep allowing easy filling from ground level, and is protected with a steel under-shield.

Versatile transmission

The 12F x 12R synchromesh transmission follows the same principles laid out in the design of the 8F x 8R transmission used in Massey Ferguson tractors, with good gear spread, simple logical gear selection and efficient transfer of power.

The 12 speeds are laid out over two ranges giving six gears in both. This is of particular benefit in haulage tasks as it reduces the requirement to change range between field and road when pulling away with a laden trailer, further enhancing output.

A Power Shuttle is also available, making the MF 5700 Series ideal for applications requiring constant changes of direction, such as when using a front loader.

Factory-installed creep gears can also be specified providing forward speeds as low as 200 metres per hour for specialist applications.

Simple side shift gear selection to the right, field/road selection to the left and shuttle operation through a conveniently mounted lever on the instrument panel fall easily to hand, and make for easy operation. For further convenience, the shuttle operation and the field to road selection are synchronised.

Heavy duty axles

The MF 5700 Series is specified with a new rear axle installation, incorporating larger, heavier duty castings and components to cater for the increased loads demanded of tractors in this power sector, and includes electro-hydraulic differential lock engagement for easy operation.

Oil immersed multi-disc brakes are also specified and independent hydraulic braking using pendant pedals gives low effort operation. A hydraulically actuated trailer braking system linked to the tractor brake pedals can also be specified.

The MF 5700 Series can be specified with a 2WD or 4WD front axle, and the heavy duty telescopic design allows a full range of track widths to be achieved and features a centrally mounted balanced steering cylinder for ease of operation.

Four-wheel drive ensures good stability and steering control as well as increased traction. The axle is specified with a centrally mounted drive shaft allowing maximum steering angles to be achieved and a hydraulically locking differential giving true 4WD. A multi-plate wet clutch allows on-the-go engagement of 4WD.

The hydraulically locking differential and 4WD functions are both electro-hydraulically actuated by simple rocker switches on the operator console.

Rear Linkage and Hitch

Generous lift capacity with the addition of Massey Ferguson's renowned Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) system makes the MF 5700 the perfect partner for high output tillage and seeding implements. The category II rear linkage has a maximum lift capacity of 4300kg with all linkage components, including the lift cylinders and control valves, externally mounted for ease of maintenance.

ELC ensures accurate control and setting, simple operation and adjustment with minimal maintenance. It is controlled by two mechanical levers on the operator's platform and draft forces are sensed through the top link.

PTO amp; Drawbar

Designed to work with a range of implements and attachments, the MF 5700 Series is specified as standard with 540 revs/min Independent PTO (IPTO) operation and a 35mm x six-spline output shaft.

The drivetrain, incorporating an oil cooled clutch, is designed to maximise power to the PTO output shaft with minimal losses. Electro hydraulic modulated engagement makes for easy operation.

Two speed PTO with either 540 / 540E revs/min or 540 / 1000 revs/min with 6 and 21 spline output shafts can be specified, matching precisely to implement requirements. Engagement is by a rocker switch mounted on the RH control console as is PTO speed selection.

All MF 5700 Series tractors are fitted with a category 2 heavy duty swinging drawbar as standard, with the options including height adjustable trailer hitch or Automatic Pick-up hitch.

Hydraulic systems to meet implement needs

The MF 5700 Series is specified with one mechanical double action auxiliary hydraulic valve with float position as standard to provide high pressure oil for external hydraulic cylinders, allowing high capacity tipping trailers and tillage equipment to be utilised. A maximum of two auxiliary valves can be fitted from the factory with a third available through the AGCO Parts Division.

An open centre hydraulic system with a transmission-mounted tandem pump is specified. One pump element provides low pressure oil for internal tractor systems and hydrostatic steering, while the main pump element supplies a maximum of 58 ltr/min for rear linkage and auxiliary valves. An additional pump can be specified providing a maximum flow of 98 ltr/min for auxiliary valve operation.

Operator Environment

The MF 5700 Series is specified with an ergonomic operator platform making long hours in the tractor seat more comfortable and boosting productivity by reducing fatigue.

The fully ISO mounted Flat Floor platform is easily accessible and clear from obstruction with ergonomically laid out controls and pendant mounted clutch and brake pedals. The use of electro-hydraulic features such as 4WD and differential lock further enhances the simplicity of operation.

A toolbox is also incorporated into the design of the platform under the seat.

Operator comfort is enhanced with sound and vibration absorbing rubber matting on the platform area, noise reflecting glass panels either side of the instrument console and a mechanically suspended deep cushioned weatherproof seat.

An analogue/digital instrument panel is specified providing the operator with status and diagnostic information as well as tractor performance information.

As standard a Folding ROPS frame with sun canopy and operator seatbelt are fitted.

Wheels and Tyres

The MF 5700 Series is specified with Trelleborg radial tyres as standard. Radial tyres offer enhanced traction, reduced soil damage/compaction and improved operator comfort and will ensure that the Massey Ferguson 5700 Series fulfils its productivity and performance potential.

Front and Rear Weights

Standard specification for the MF 5700 Series also includes a ballast package consisting of 10 x 55kg front weights and 2 + 2 x 50kg rear wheel weights.

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