Navigating the path to sustainable organisational success: insights from Lagos leadership programme

In a world characterized by rapid change and uncertainty, the pursuit of sustainable organizational success has become more than just a lofty aspiration-it has become a strategic imperative. Recognizing this reality, leaders from across industries converged in Lagos for the TEXEM, UK Executive Development Programme titled 'Strategies for Sustainable Organisational Success,' led by the esteemed Prof. John Peters. Peters is a former prisoner of War and Chair of the Association of MBAs that accredits London Business School and Harvard. Dr Alim Abubakre, Founder of TEXEM also delivered part of the executive development programme. The two-day programme, organised by TEXEM, UK held on April 24 and 25, was meticulously crafted to equip executives with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to navigate turbulent times and thrive amidst uncertainty. From building a solid foundation for success to fostering innovation and resilience, the agenda was designed to address the key challenges facing organizations in today's dynamic business landscape. Day One commenced with a focus on laying the groundwork for sustainable success. During this TEXEM programme, participants delved into the importance of sustainable success in today's business environment and explored the transformative power of pressure as a catalyst for innovation. Through engaging discussions and real-world case studies, they gained valuable insights into leading through crisis and leveraging challenges as opportunities for organisational excellence. As the day unfolded, the programme fostered opportunities for networking, informal discussions, and collaborative problem-solving-a testament to the interactive and participatory nature of the learning experience. From panel sessions to strategic games, participants were challenged to think critically, collaborate effectively, and apply their newfound knowledge in practical scenarios. Day Two built upon the foundation laid on the first day, focusing on building a winning culture, innovation, resilience , and risk management. Participants explored the role of culture and innovation in driving sustainable success and learned to harness the power of organizational culture for strategic advantage. Through immersive activities and group discussions, they developed a deeper understanding of resilience and risk management, equipping them to navigate uncertainty with confidence and poise. The programme culminated in the presentation of certificates-a symbolic gesture marking the participants' commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. As they reflected on their journey over the past two days, it was evident that they had not only gained new skills and insights but had also forged meaningful connections with fellow executives. This ultimately fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration that would extend beyond the confines of the programme. The Executive Development Programme 'Strategies for Sustainable Organisational Success' served as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for leaders committed to driving positive change and achieving enduring success. As participants returned to their respective organizations, they did so armed with a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper understanding of sustainable strategic leadership, and a shared commitment to building a brighter future for their organizations and communities alike. In the words of TEXEM's founder, Abubakre, 'True success is not measured by what we achieve individually but by the lasting impact we create collectively. 'Together, let us chart a course towards sustainable success-one that empowers, inspires, and transforms lives for generations to come'. In his own comment, Peters said 'in the turbulent seas of today's business landscape, sustainable success is not merely a goal but a necessity. 'Through strategic innovation, decisive problem-solving and competent leadership, TEXEM, UK has been able to inspire participants to navigate the waves of uncertainty, transforming crisis into opportunity, and charting a course towards enduri ng success'. Testimonials from the participants lauded the rich and thought-provoking content of the programme, among whom is Nafisa Ibrahim, Manager, Internal Audit, NNPC Pension Fund Limited. 'It's been two days of very impactful learning for me. I must say that as an ardent believer in personal and professional development, I have attended a lot of trainings and courses. 'But TEXEM stands out. They deliver this course excellently. One thing that stands out for me is the fact that they assembled very interesting, exceptional and sufficient activities into all of the learnings. 'And with this, I know that it will be very hard for us to forget. It's all about impact and implementation,' Ibrahim said. Muhammed Gwadabe, President of, the Association of Bureau de Change Operators of Nigerian, another participant in the programme also spoke. 'I've learned a lot. I've seen where tradition is being converted to modernity… I've learned how to keep sustainability. 'I have learned teamwork. I have learned diffe rent strategy tools from Marshmallow, from OODA, observation of my opponents, orienting my business, making decisions and acting fast. 'I've also learned the importance of balancing culture with my organizational objective,' Gwadabe said. As the sun sets on another successful TEXEM, UK programme, it is time Nigerian leaders look forward to the continued journey of growth, resilience, and transformation that lies ahead. (NANFeatures) **If used, please credit the writer as well as News Agency of Nigeria Source: News Agency of Nigeria