More Efforts must be Exerted to Modernize Agricultural Development in Ethiopia: DPM, FM Demeke

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen underlined the need for more efforts to modernize Ethiopia’s agricultural development activities with a view to strengthening the overall economy of the country.

Demeke made the remark at the opening of a panel discussion held on the margins of the Agriculture and Science exhibition inaugurated today at the Science Museum in Addis Ababa under the theme "From the Lab to the Field."

Noting that agriculture is the main economic source of the country and the backbone of other sectors as well, Demeke said the government has given the highest priority to accelerate the sector.

According to him, a lot of encouraging achievements have been registered in the sector due to the efforts being made over the past years.

The agricultural development activities in the lowland areas of the country are a very good testament to which the agriculture sector can be improved as long as the necessary efforts are made, he said.

Hence, he stressed the need to change the old ways of agricultural development activities by mechanizing and transforming the sector through the utilization of necessary technologies.

Demeke further stated that efforts will be made to replicate the encouraging successes being registered in the productivity of wheat on other crops too.

Minister of Agriculture, Girma Amente for his part said the government has been carrying out several efforts to expand agricultural mechanization citing the efforts made to import agricultural equipment free of duty.

The Agriculture and Science exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with Ethio Telecom, aims at promoting the role of technologies in transforming the agricultural sector and improving production and productivity in a sustainable manner.

The exhibition is expected to create awareness among farmers and pastoralists, youth, students, researchers as well as investors on the role of science and technology to improve production and productivity and realize sustainable development.

Agriculture and Science exhibition will be open for public viewing for consecutive weeks starting tomorrow.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency