Liberia: Victoria Zaza to Be Buried Today

By Necus M. Andrews

Victoria Zaza, a 21-year-old girl, who was mysteriously found dead in a police cell at the Zone 6 Deport 1 on the Hotel Africa Road in 2015, is expected to be buried today in Barndnesillve, outside Monrovia.

Miss Zaza was found dead in the police cell on October 21, 2015, one day after she was arrested and placed in police custody for her involvement in a fist fight with another woman, who claimed that Victoria destroyed her market worth L$1,500.

There have been controversies over the death of the 21-year-old pregnant girl with her parents suggesting that she was murdered but the police said she committed suicide.

In a statement issued Wednesday in Monrovia on behalf of the family, the rights group that has been advocating for autopsy on the remains of Victoria said the burial will take place in Bardnesville with a parade.

The group also praised the government for promising to underwrite the deceased's funeral activities and to also give additional US$3,500 to the family to assist in handling other funeral expenses.

The Independent Human Rights Investigators (IHRI) said the parade will be led by friends of Victoria in the community.

The Group's National Director Adama K. Dempster is commending the Liberian government through the Ministry of Justice for cooperating with them since the death of Miss Zaza, who they believed died under mysterious circumstances.

Mr. Dempster said the culture of suspicious and Mysterious deaths is creating the spirit of fear and insecurity amongst Liberians and foreign nationals in Liberia.

He wants the Government to taken full responsibility for the death of Ms. Victoria Zayzay and her unborn child because she was healthy prior to her being held in the Zone 6, Depot 1.