Liberia: LPDP Tours South-Eastern Liberia

The Liberia People Democratic Party, LPDP was given another grand entry in Greenville, Sinoe County when its entourage headed by the National Chair, Moses Y. Kollie along with Speaker Alex J. Tyler, the newest executive member of the Party. The Party left Buchanan, Grand Bassa County on March 28, 2016 where it was given a rousing welcome.

The LPDP's visit to Greenville is part of its nation-wide tour of reaching the fifteen county-seats to open its offices and to hoist the LPDP flag alongside with the Liberian Flag and counties' flags.

During the official hoisting of the LPDP Flag, the National Chairman, Moses Y. Kollie told partisans of the Party that the program was not a campaign or political rally but simply the official opening of the LPDP office in Sinoe County.

In his message, the Chairman told the crowd who thronged the headquarters of the Party that the LPDP is the new direction for Liberia.

Also speaking was Executive Member Alex J. Tyler, who re-echoed the new direction and said the LPDP would strive to ensure women empowerment, economic liberation for Liberians, quality education in the counties, efficient healthcare, and modern infra-structure in the country.

Speaker Tyler said the platform of the LPDP is the best and called on the citizens of Sinoe to join the Party to ensure that Sinoe gets the best that it deserves. He pointed out that though the Party has a well -designed platform to suit the development aspirations of all citizens and political sub-divisions, the party is opened to the views and suggestions of the citizens.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Party, Menipakai Dumoe encouraged citizens of the county to join the party. He said Sinoe deserves more than what it has at the moment because the people of Sinoe have put in a lot to the development of Liberia but got less out.