Liberia: Linu Urges Ellen to Do More

The political leader of the Liberian National Union (LINU), Dr. Nathaniel Blama, has urged President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to do more for the people of Liberia.

Dr. Blama, who commended the President for the level of work so far, also declared that Liberians continue to remain 'disappointed' in President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, particularly during her 'controversial' second term in office.

Making the assertion recently at his 16th Street residence in Monrovia, Dr. Blama indicated that the Liberian leader made enormous commitment in her second term, including the creation of 20,000 jobs annually, something he noted that has become an illusion, not only to the youthful population but the Liberian people.

"Since the second term of the Sirleaf's regime, budgetary shortfall has become the hallmark of the administration imposing unacceptable hardship on the ordinary citizens, The Liberian people are very much disappointed in this Ellen led administration," he said.

When quizzed about the President's first term in office, the LINU political leader alluded to the fact that she did well. Elaborating on others national issues of concern, Dr. Blama expressed disappointment over past statements made by the President for describing the educating system as a mess, pointing out that citizens of Liberia elected her to improve the lives of the people rather than looking down on them.

According to him, it should be the sole responsibility of the government to provide sound and quality education for of its the citizens. He alleged that since 2011, the government is yet to increase the salary of government employees.

He underscored the need for lawmakers to collaborate with university students to ensure that government demonstrates its commitment to the University of Liberia's administration.

"There is a need for the UL administration to be supported to the fullest, "Dr. Blama urged. Meanwhile, the LINU's political leader said they have confidence in the current team of the National Election Commission (NEC) according to him; the NEC can effectively conduct the election if they are supported by the national government and international partners.

SOURCE: The New Republic Liberia.