Liberia: ‘CDC Claim Has No Substance’

The Management of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) has received with a great consternation the unwarranted public brand by the Congress of Democratic Change, (CDC) of the National Broadcast as a "propaganda machine" for the presidential Ambition of the Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

According to a release from LBS, the CDC accusation which has no basis in truth, nor substance, comes at a time when "we at the Liberia Broadcasting System are busy at preparing for the launch in April of a new broadcast season."

The station indicated that what is even more unfounded is the mention of one of its current affairs flagship programmes "the Bumper Show" hosted by experienced broadcaster, Mr. Patrick Honnah, who also serves as the Deputy Director General for Broadcasting and Media Services as the platform used for heralding the Vice President's 2017 Presidential Bid.

The LBS management said the CDC claims are unfounded because the party through its many officials and subsidiaries, (as well as many other political parties and their agents) have taken advantage of Mr. Honnah's Show to engage the Liberian people on several political issues of national and partisan concerns. LBS management noted that it is therefore a shameless venture by the CDC to single out this highly-rated, well-balanced and all-embracing platform (The Bumper Show) and to brand the National Broadcaster as a "propaganda machine" for the Vice President is a clear indication that the party lack evidence to prove its case.

"Furthermore, we like to make it clear to the CDC and its vestiges that the Liberia Broadcasting System is created by an Act of Legislation which clearly defines the role and functions of the State-Broadcaster and will not be cowed into its cheap politics as the country moves towards General and Presidential Elections next year," a statement from the management stressed.

It said Liberians are very aware, that the days of the insidious use of the National Airwaves for the promotion of segmental and parochial interest at the detriment of the National Interest are long over; especially, since the ascension to the helm of power by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

The Management of the Liberia Broadcasting System said it remains committed to upholding the policies of quality in its media content as mandated and evaluated by and through its Board of Directors and calls on the CDC to quit the 'child's play' and join in the saddle for full digitization of the system, so that Liberians where ever they are can benefit from the rich media content the system's outlets provide.

Source: All Africa