Liberia: BWI Uses Scrap Iron in Trade Shops

The Vice Principal for Administration of Booker T. Washington Institute, Abraham Wowah, said scrap iron is being used to train students at the school.

Speaking at the institute's Corner Library recently in Kakata, Wowah said the institution is using far back 30-year old equipment at its various trade shops to prepare students for the 21st century.

He said trade shops that are being used for training are in ruins and are very poorly equipped as people hardly find anything and as a result scrap iron is used just to provide training for the students.

"We cannot move to a center of excellence if we are facing such situation. We are mainly faced with poorly equipped trade shops," he asserted. Wowah explained that the very buildings that are holding the various trade shops are in a derelict state especially when these buildings have never receive a coat of paint for nearly 40 years.

The VPA narrated that bathroom facilities at the institution are very tiny and cannot accommodate the number of students clustered up in the dormitories. "The situation has forced students to bath outside."

He narrated that the plumbing system put in place since the establishment of school has completely broken down. Wowah maintained that in the wake of looming challenges staffers are forced to rent in Kakata because there is no adequate housing facilities for them.

"Even the housing facilities are in a very deplorable condition," he added. Commenting on other matter, he stated that the multi-purpose complex project which was initiated by Margibi County authority is today incomplete, meaning it might remain incomplete for the next 4-years if nothing is done about it.

VPA Wowah said there are huge projects they started on the campus with funding from the county that are yet to be completed due to the lack of funding. He called on the county authority to use every influence they have to ensure that the multi-purpose complex project is completed.

SOURCE: The New Republic Liberia