Liberia: Alternative National Congress Blames Actors for Mass Failure in WAEC

Amid the massive failure of Liberian students in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) national exams, the opposition Alternative National Congress, ANC has blamed educational actors for the bad results.

Regarding the fragile educational sector with reference to the huge failure in the 2016 West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams, the Acting Secretary General of the ANC, Jeremiah Swen said the actors in the educational sector of Liberia have failed to re-strategize its engagement pattern, taking into account the huge gap in years, especially the low scale of educational output and impact during the period of the unprecedented Ebola spread and fatality rate.

Serving as guest speaker at program marking the historic closing exercise of one of Liberia's oldest secondary learning institutions - the Elizabeth Crawford Memorial High School's 82nd Graduation Exercise; Swen maintained that if the right policies are put in place for students there will be success in public exams in Liberia.

Speaking on the theme: "The Alternative Path - Priority, Empowerment and Structural Integration of Youth", the ANC Acting Secretary General invoked the self-consciousness of the graduates, indicating that the power of success depends on result of hard work, resilience, parental support, institutional discipline, which serve as the greatest path for excellence and self-productivity.

"You must promise yourselves, never to neglect this commitment - failure to make this decision is the clearest pattern of self-imposed failure, societal outcast, neglect and further undermining of all chances of you reaching your full potentials.

Persist, resist, and strive, no matter how hard the circumstances may be. It is just a matter of time but stand tall until your dreams come true. Remember that history speaks of two things: Achievers and Failures" he said.

Rethinking approach

With regards to his theme, Mr. Swen insisted that irrespective of current confusion, it is imperative that Liberians take keen consideration to institutionally rethink their national approach.

"I strongly believe that we need an alternative pattern of policy development and administration, a pattern that redefines our system of operation, where national policies and programs are driven by institutions, and not by individuals, when our interventions will be driven by impacts and tangible outcomes.

Then it will be a process geared towards a long term citizens' socio-economic transformation, empowerment and inclusive participation at all levels of our national development" he noted.

Looking at the current geo-political dispensations, which underline underrepresentation, under empowerment and integration of Youth in the over national development drive of Liberia, the Guest Speaker called the attention of the graduates to the current geo political environment.

"My dear graduates, you might succeed in this current geo political environment, but your chances of success are greatly limited to a system driven by an immense vacuum.

Within the corridors of this edifice and beyond its walls, let us consciously ask ourselves: Does the messy system give birth to great fruits?

Do messy students become great? Does messy environment receive glorious praises? It is laughable and pure sense of mockery to you our graduates, adolescents and youth at large," he told the graduates.

He said when national self-consciousness departs from the hearts of national leaders; national assets (children and youth) will be termed national liability, saying national pride will be announced as national disgrace.

He wondered why leaders judge the graduates, when the system is not working for national good and prosperity.

Mr. Swen noted that it is expedient and a matter of national priority that Liberians use this medium to call upon the Legislative Committees on Youth and Sports, to see it befitting and a matter of national security in the speedy passage of the National Youth Act.

"If we as a nation have ever relented in any national duty, than it is time that we truly uphold our pride for a better country and prosperous future. Pass the National Youth Act - Give back Liberia's Hope and assure the youth that they are not just citizens but assets and precious Jewels".

He encouraged the graduates to always remain persevering, loyal to their vision, courageous in the course of tough moments and strive to stand tall until their dreams are fulfilled.

The ANC Acting National Secretary General concluded as saying, "Mr. Cummings has assured the school's administration that he will work toward the fulfillment of its ongoing project, and this will be of priority to the Alternative National Congress, (ANC)".

Mr. Swen is currently the Secretary of the Conference Council on Finance and Administration of the United Methodist Church in Liberia, member of the Ambassador's Council of Youth Advisors to the US Ambassador; Founder and CEO of the Patriot Crusader (Liberia), Inc.

Source: FrontPageAfrica.