Improving Mining Processing Methods Central in Meeting Economic Reform: Mineral Dev’t Institute

Addis Ababa, Upgrading mining processing methods to meet Ethiopia's ambition is crucial as the sector is one of the pillars of the Homegrown Economic Reform, according to the Mineral Industry Development Institute (MIDI).

Endowed with abundant natural resources that have not been significantly exploited, the nation is carrying out a major reform program in the mining sector with a view to attracting investment.

MIDI Director-General Guta Legesse told ENA that it is very important Ethiopia upgrades the mining processing methods so that we can add value to our products and sell at the international market.

“We have been selling rough minerals in general, and we have done pre-assessments on the advantages and the disadvantages of the practice. We have learned that there are a lot of consequences for allowing rough exports of minerals,” he elaborated.

According to him, the activities undertaken on technology, human resource, and training facilities are important in increasing the values of minerals.

“Now, we have been working on encouraging value addition and processing.”

Guta further noted that Ethiopia has a variety of minerals, including natural gas, iron, gold, and gemstone, among others.

“There is huge potential for this country, and mining is one of the pillars of the growth for the Homegrown Economic Reform,” the director-general pointed out, adding that “there is room, there is potential, and there is a possibility to develop some of these minerals and be the hope for our generation in the next few years.”

Guta revealed that 25 percent of the Ethiopian export comes from the mining sector.

The government is working to increase export revenue from minerals. Besides, attempts are being made to substitute some of the significant imports related to mineral processing, it was learned.

Ethiopia’s mining sector has strong potential to contribute to the country’s long-term development, social progress, and economic growth.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency