Human Resources, Skill Dev’t Reform Successful: Labor and Skills Minister

Effective work has been carried out in human resources and skills development reform based on the economic need of Ethiopia, Labor and Skills Minister Muferihat Kamil said.

Evaluation of the performance report of the third quarter of this Ethiopian Fiscal Year has been underway in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Labor and Skills Minister Muferihat Kamil told ENA on the side lines market led human resources and skill development reform was carried out in Ethiopia.

In the past nine months alone, more than 100 polytechnic colleges have been organized in a way that takes into account the objective conditions of the localities and realize the reform.

The minister, who pointed out that the skill training were based on the market and economic needs, added that 2.4 million jobs have been created as a result.

According to her, the ministry has also working in coordination with the pertinent stakeholders in order to solve financial supply as well as sales and production sites sustainably.

Innovation and Technology Minister, Belete Molla said on his part that the movement underway to create Digital Ethiopia by 2025 has brought about concrete change.

He also stated that the country has made a leap forward in innovation and research areas.

Noting that many services are becoming digital in Ethiopia, the minister added that both private and government institutions have been achieving results in this regard.

According to him, the ministry's nine-month performance has enabled it to conclude that the realization of Digital Ethiopia by 2025 is attainable.

Belete stated that support and monitoring has been carried out to enhance the capacity of entrepreneurs in the fields of innovation and research.

In addition, efforts are being exerted to develop the sector by preparing policy and legal frameworks.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency