How our efforts enhanced welfare of retired military officers -RANAO

The National President, Retired Army Navy and Air Force Officers Association (RANAO), retired Maj.-Gen. Abdulhafeez Adewuyi, said the association has made progress in enhancing the welfare of its members. Adewuyi said this at a news conference to mark the association's 36th National Annual General Meeting (NAGM), on Monday in Abuja. He said the decision to form the association was informed by the situation the pensioners found themselves in the 70s and late 80s. According to him, once an officer retired from service, he goes into oblivion. Nothing is ever heard of him again. 'Those who had health challenges died without any idea on how to seek help. It was like 'to your tents O Israel'. 'The objective of forming RANAO Association where officers come together, once every month to discuss issues affecting their welfare has been substantially achieved. 'It has continued to foster the spirit of togetherness, espirit de corps, brotherhood and camaraderie. 'Retired officers who spent a better part of their y outhful life in the military use it to recharge their batteries,' he said. Adewuyi said the association organised into three tiers of administration, had its national headquarter in Abuja with seven zonal headquarters similar to the six Geopolitical Zones of the federation and FCT. He said the former Military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, had described RANAO as an outstanding organisation that every retired military officer would aspire to join with pride. According to him, former Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, confirmed that his pension was enhanced through the effort of RANAO and regretted he had not joined the association. 'Today, we are here essentially to conduct the association's 36th NAGM. 'It is a culmination of all activities of the association, ranging from Chapter, Zonal and HQs activities, RANAO Day celebration, PSOs Meeting, BOT implements in the Association activities and so on. 'NAGM fosters the reflection and loyalty that you feel for people with whom you have spent the b etter part of your life,' he said. Source: News Agency of Nigeria